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Interview with Evianon o.O !!!! (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

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Hello everyone

Today, I brought to you another interview but this time with Evianon , The Devil himself !

[Abolfazl]: Hi, do you have time for interview ?

[Evianon]: yeah, just tell me when my responses start being recorded
[Evianon]: I need to make a good impression!

i must say, not a tryhard at all

lets start with some introduction, shall we ?

Q: So what's your name? Devil?

A: My name is Ladislav

Q: When and where were you born?

A: I was born in Slovakia, in district of small town of Svidnik. Other than having quite important role in WWII it is also one of the most heated places for e-Slovakia because It's Poland's only high iron (because they don't have their own). So Im quite happy about that cause I get to fight there a lot.
(this is such a tryhard answer xD)

Q: What do yo do for living?

A: Im a BPM Consultant and developer.Trying my best to git gud (Alright, BPM means Im in IT)

Q: Whats the reason you choose this nick?

A: There's no reason really. It's like my third of fourth gaming nick and the one I have stuck with the most. I made it up completely, on a random day when I wanted to change my Runescape nickname to something cooler xD

Q: How much time you spend playing e-sim daily?

A: There have been days when it was 1-2 hours but usually way too unhealthy amount of time to admit to.
So I better dont think about it. Next question please

Q: Well you are in the 1st rank in having the most damage done and the most xp at the same time right now! (in other words, you are the raid boss! ) how's that feel?

A: I have been to rank 2 and fell down quite a few times by now so it's pretty satisfying. Although I know it won't be for long, there are bigger sharks coming for it. But it's surely a nice achievement in my books and one more check on my list of things to get.

Q: We all know that you are a BH Hunter, Who's your favorite victim of all time??!

A: I dont really care who it is that I will fight for BH with. Surely most of times I try to be economic, no need to hit your head against a wall. If they challenge me, I take all the fights with same attitude. But the most competitive I have been must be with player Alpha I think. Lots of cocky pms from both sides xD. Funnily enough, today he sent an apologizing pm, and we kind of made peace

Q: Have you ever felt so much angry for losing a BH that you punched the wall??

A: Not really, I'm rational and so I tend to instantly realize my mistake, like starting late, underestimating someone's burst, being on phone, being afk.. I tell myself it's my fault and then make an intention to not to do that mistake again

Q: Is there anyone in this game that you wanna kill?

A: Naah, it's really just a game that I happen to tryhard at the moment. I have been through many games and I have been a tryhard in most of them, but that's just how I am, but I surely don't hate people over games. In fact, I really despise such behaviour in other players. So here I would like to take the chance and publicly apologize to all who I have been mean to before. It was just a pose, it's not real meeee xD

Q: if yes how would you do that?

A: I really don't wanna kill anyone! You have been watching too much Dexter!

Q: Some would say that you are preying on the weak ( Geralt of Rivia ) and stealing their BH whenever you can, what do you have to say about it ?!

[Evianon]: Preying on the weak, this got me.
I don't think we share the same opinion on that. Wait, did he tell you to ask this?!

[Me]: maybe,im here to extract information.

[Evianon]: Thought so. Geralt is my irl friend, so I think we have talked about it a lot and I think he knows I wanna help him now that Im done with my equip. But he's busy with exams now and who knows how long he (and me) will be interested in the game. But yeah, we have known each other (and actually lived together) for quite a long time so I think it's all okay

Q: And others would say that you have some sort of "scripts" to steal their BH , what do you have to say about this one?!

A: That is the best kind of praise, thank you!

Q: How can a non gold-buyer player like you become as strong as gold-buyer one ??! Tell us your secret

A:Okay, I didn't wanna do this, but... here's the reveal: spend all your limits no matter what, it's worth it. Other than that, you just need to think about how things in e-sim work, how offer and demand comes and goes and why. Be smart and ez !

Q: What kind of Monster invited you to e-sim?! and Who was he/she ?!

A: It's actually Geralt who showed me the game in like 2012, on secura. On Alpha my referrer is Septim, because I got back to Secura where he played like a few weeks before Alpha started, and noone else showed interest from our discord

Q: Are you regretting about joining?

A: Sometimes a bit, but not really. I know I would have been wasting my time on something else if not here so, meh. I'll move on at some point. Been there done that.

Q: So what's your next goal in e-sim?!!

A: Sorry for silence, was afk cause full limits! Umm, I don't know, I wanna upgrade all of my parameters (need only 1 more, ignoring avoid) and maybe get 10k BH? Stay on top of xp for a little longer. And then maybe slowly move to other things than e-sim. I would also like to free e-Slovakia but that ain't gonna happen after a few realizations from last days. But yeah if anyone wants Slovakia free, I'm gonna be there to help o/

Q: What is the one thing you wish you could do if given the chance in e-sim?

A: I would probably remove tournament gold influx, and make regions useful through tax on products made rather than salary

Now, I say some words you say the first thing that comes to your mind

eSlovakia ==> empty

Invisible Front ==> Cool logo and dudes

eHungary ==> disgusting avatars misusing slovak coat of arms

Your best friend in e-sim ==> Geralt of Rivia

BH ==> 5g

zapatista ==> funny guy

The person who you hate the most in the game ==> <blank>

War ==> Useless

Admin ==> GG WP, well done on project, he tries his best I think!

Q: Talking about admin what would be your suggestion to admin to make e-sim a better game?

A: As I wrote earlier about gold from tournaments, I think gold that comes into game should be more restricted. Tournaments shouldn't equal to "free gold time" it should be a platform where teams of players try to achieve some common goal - so I would remove all BHs from tournaments or something of that sort. Make regions matter, solve the problem with CC or remove it, it's dead content as it is now. Suna is full of one man countries where noone can get into and they just pick their masses of gold in tourneys like that. How is such an environment fun to play in for any new player, or anyone at all? Simply just, reward effort and time spent on the game, not bullshit and cheaters. And yeah we need to find a way to make the game interesting even for someone who didnt start on day 1, and mainly for new players. Because no amount of ads will fix that. How to do that? I honestly don't know, it's definitely not easy. But if by some luck admin figures this one out, he's gonna be rich!

Q: What’s the best thing about e-sim?!

A: For me personally, the most fun was to somehow, at the time I wasn't even sure how, being able to grow my account's power and stats. Now that I have reached my peak, Im actually not sure what's fun about e-sim for me anymore. Probably playing with your friends, but I can imagine better things to play with my friends (and I do) than e-sim. E-sim is mostly single player for me. partly because on Secura, all we did in e-Slovakia was arguing. E-sim is quite an interesting game in the sense that it brings out a lot of greed in players. I'm not blaming players for that, as long as it's a game, you be as greedy as you want and I will smile at it. If you also show me your wits at it, I might clap for you. But here Im just trying to make a point that when people are greedy most of time, it's hard to play a team game, isn't it? But this all is what makes e-sim such an intriguing game to play and watch after all

Q: What about worst thing?

A: Worst thing is that all of our achievements and conquered regions amount to nothing. But that's same for all of games

Q: Where do you see your account 15 days from now ?!!!
( i would say 30 days,but your accounts is growing so fast )

A: Good question. Perhaps hunting some zappa BHs and stuff but hopefully It will be less logged into, got some other stuff to do (and play )

Q: What's your last word that you want to tell the readers?!!!

A: Damn I should say something cool shouldn't I? Errr... okay so um, yeah just do what you have fun doing, whether it is the game like for me right now or something else irl. And remember even your worst enemy in the game, or team, or that guy who stole your BH, they're all just human like you, playing same game as you. Make it enjoyable for both of you!

Oh and come to discord general chat, we need more drama there

Well I hope you all enjoy it.

And I want to thank Evianon for his time, It was an honor to interview with him as well

Vote and sub and keep waiting for the next one

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