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just vote it article (Fun)
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oyla geç. okuma bile.

hi guys. i am here with "the just vote it article". long version of the name of this article is "dude come on don't ask anything just vote it and don't even read". i want to mention about very useless and unnecessary sh*ts in this article in order to make it look like long and like has some sense. i mean for the first impression before reading. i do this. why i do this? because i want and hopefully its not against the terms, conditions and rules. now you are blessed to read my article with my holy words. after now i let your lives to change and to be very different than now. you can be proud, you have read this amazing article. you can tell your whole friends, parents, siblings, relatives etc. btw if i have to admit i love beautiful women. they have some good things to watch and play. also another important information about me is sometimes i eat. sometimes i sleep. and when i am bored i am taking breathe. and i want to share some cool tactics to charm beautiful girls. the success rate is 1/1000000000000000. if you are optimistic. anyway the way which turns them on and makes you fall in love is to show this article and to say "girl! i've read this awesome article ". she will not wait even one second to jump and kiss you after this charisma explosion of you. especially if you say "babe i've read this article 5 times" then oouww! wow! i hope i am not violating the rules while writing this but something will be really wet on her... i mean with the 1/100000000000000000 possibility.

anyway i brought enough light to your lives and you can use my wisdom to cure your pains through the article in your lives.

ps1: no, i don't give back the time which you wasted to read this article. or who knows, oppositely, maybe its the best thing in your life to read this article. maybe it will make you so rich or irresistable for girls.

ps2: gheorghe hagi we miss you man. many people wishes you turn your 90s version and play football again. please somehow do this.

ps3: thats all guys. no thanks for your reading.

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