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Auto fight script / no lifers? (Statistics)
Posted 7 months ago by

How did they achieve that ? tell people what u think...
53.77 % Scripters
27.35 % I don't know / care
18.86 % No lifers
Total votes: 106

This article is from our Lord, the one and only 34444 ( Multi 1 )

#NickCitizenshipDate of the month
(last December)
Restore health used
(144 = 24h)
Hours awake
1 WolfStark Bulgaria2514424
2 everlasting Sweden3113923.2
3 PLANETA HD Bulgaria2513622.7
4 PLANETA HD Bulgaria3013322.2
5 Anatolian Eagle Turkey2513322.2
6 Anatolian Eagle Turkey3112821.3
7 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria2612520.8
8 WolfStark Bulgaria3012220.3
9 mimaotml Azerbaijan2911919.8
10 PLANETA HD Bulgaria2611419
11 ByFaLCoN Turkey3111118.5
12 BrainTR Turkey3111018.3
13 moshuum Germany2811018.3
14 ByFaLCoN Turkey2510918.2
15 ludnik Netherlands2710717.8
16 everlasting Sweden3010617.7
17 zental South Korea2910317.2
18 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria2810217
19 zental South Korea3010116.8
20 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria3110016.7
21 darkfeyz Azerbaijan319916.5
22 barcelona_oleeee Bulgaria289916.5
23 w3x2 Bulgaria259916.5
24 w3x2 Bulgaria309816.3
25 ludnik Netherlands319616
26 ko13 Mexico289616
27 zental South Korea279515.8
28 PLANETA HD Bulgaria319415.7
29 WolfStark Bulgaria279315.5
30 BrainTR Turkey279315.5
31 Mu Gamma Xi USA289215.3
32 Anatolian Eagle Turkey269215.3
33 PeppaPig China259215.3
34 faqiu Bulgaria309115.2
35 moshuum Germany319015
36 Emperor Sweden309015
37 WolfStark Bulgaria268914.8
38 sAbEr2013 Greece298814.7
39 w3x2 Bulgaria298814.7
40 sAbEr2013 Greece308714.5
41 WolfStark Bulgaria298714.5
42 Mu Gamma Xi USA278714.5
43 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria278714.5
44 zental South Korea258714.5
45 Emperor Sweden278614.3
46 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria298514.2
47 ludnik Netherlands288514.2
48 zental South Korea288514.2
49 sAbEr2013 Greece278514.2
50 ko13 Mexico278514.2
51 Nascimento Belgium308213.7
52 WolfStark Bulgaria288213.7
53 ByFaLCoN Turkey308113.5
54 Tonyukuk Belgium258113.5
55 atixs Estonia278013.3
56 PeppaPig China268013.3
57 w3x2 Bulgaria287813
58 dabog Serbia277813
59 Abdullah Catli Turkey267813
60 zental South Korea267813
61 Boigny Bulgaria257813
62 tasty South Korea297712.8
63 Hanzlik Czech Republic277712.8
64 atixs Estonia267712.8
65 ByFaLCoN Turkey297612.7
66 Lord Miro Montenegro297612.7
67 ByFaLCoN Turkey287612.7
68 Ramsey Boltonn Turkey287612.7
69 Lord Miro Montenegro267612.7
70 dabog Serbia267612.7
71 mimaotml Azerbaijan317512.5
72 Emperor Sweden297512.5
73 Metalicana Greece257512.5
74 Mu Gamma Xi USA307412.3
75 pljevaljski srez Montenegro297412.3
76 PLANETA HD Bulgaria297412.3
77 everlasting Sweden297412.3
78 Nascimento Belgium257412.3
79 dabog Serbia257412.3
80 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria307212
81 tasty South Korea277212
82 torcida Croatia257212
83 dabog Serbia287111.8
84 Boigny Bulgaria277111.8
85 ByFaLCoN Turkey267111.8
86 shield Bosnia and Herzegovina286911.5
87 MrLovaLova USA276911.5
88 Diyan4o Slovakia276811.3
89 Kuftence Bulgaria256811.3
90 kikirikou Greece306711.2
91 Hook Greece306711.2
92 dabog Serbia306711.2
93 ko13 Mexico306711.2
94 Lord Miro Montenegro286611
95 ByFaLCoN Turkey276611
96 Diyan4o Slovakia266611
97 Faker Turkey296510.8
98 MCMLXXVXII0II Hungary296510.8
99 Scorpio72 Sweden296510.8
100 tasty South Korea286510.8
101 Gulliver Greece276510.8
102 papas the slayer Greece276510.8
103 Piotr Bendyk Poland276510.8
104 MrLovaLova USA256510.8
105 MrLovaLova USA316410.7
106 Henry Kissinger Turkey306410.7
107 pljevaljski srez Montenegro306410.7
108 barcelona_oleeee Bulgaria256410.7
109 tasty South Korea256410.7
110 Lord Miro Montenegro256310.5
111 tasty South Korea316210.3
112 MrLovaLova USA306210.3
113 Tomas Gonzalo Greece306210.3
114 tasty South Korea306210.3
115 MrLovaLova USA296210.3
116 papas the slayer Greece296210.3
117 LeonidasTR Turkey256210.3
118 mimaotml Azerbaijan276110.2
119 Timur Kaan Turkey266110.2
120 mcrdy455 Libya256110.2
121 B O R G Bosnia and Herzegovina296010
122 KAPTANKARA Turkey286010
123 sAbEr2013 Greece31599.8
124 Boigny Bulgaria29599.8
125 KAPTANKARA Turkey29599.8
126 Tomas Gonzalo Greece29599.8
127 blackapple Slovenia29599.8
128 Zodan Czech Republic29599.8
129 ko13 Mexico29599.8
130 SickSide Serbia28599.8
131 Apsik Poland27599.8
132 blackapple Slovenia26599.8
133 ludnik Netherlands26599.8
134 stefanaras Greece31589.7
135 Boigny Bulgaria30589.7
136 Skera Slovenia29589.7
137 Abdullah Catli Turkey28589.7
138 B O R G Bosnia and Herzegovina28589.7
139 Mu Gamma Xi USA26589.7
140 MrLovaLova USA26589.7
141 BarbaRossa17 Belgium25589.7
142 WolfStark Bulgaria31579.5
143 dabog Serbia31579.5
144 MCMLXXVXII0II Hungary30579.5
145 BrokenSkull Greece30579.5
146 Galileo Argentina29579.5
147 Kodiak Bosnia and Herzegovina29579.5
148 Teodor Kovac Slovakia29579.5
149 BrainTR Turkey28579.5
150 torcida Croatia27579.5

Edit 1: Corrected

#NickCitizenshipavg. uses per day
(25/12 - 31/12)
avg. hours awake
1 WolfStark Bulgaria96.316.1
2 PLANETA HD Bulgaria88.714.8
3 zental South Korea85.914.3
4 ByFaLCoN Turkey84.314.1
5 Vasil Bozhkov Bulgaria8313.8
6 w3x2 Bulgaria73.912.3
7 Anatolian Eagle Turkey70.111.7
8 dabog Serbia68.311.4
9 Emperor Sweden6210.3
10 sAbEr2013 Greece61.910.3
11 mimaotml Azerbaijan61.610.3
12 MrLovaLova USA61.610.3
13 tasty South Korea61.310.2
14 Mu Gamma Xi USA59.69.9
15 BrainTR Turkey58.49.7
16 ludnik Netherlands58.19.7
17 Lord Miro Montenegro55.19.2
18 ko13 Mexico51.48.6
19 B O R G Bosnia and Herzegovina50.48.4
20 Nascimento Belgium49.78.3
21 everlasting Sweden48.38.1
22 barcelona_oleeee Bulgaria47.37.9
23 atixs Estonia47.37.9
24 Boigny Bulgaria47.37.9
25 faqiu Bulgaria46.67.8
26 MCMLXXVXII0II Hungary46.47.7
27 papas the slayer Greece44.37.4
28 moshuum Germany41.77
29 pljevaljski srez Montenegro41.46.9
30 PeppaPig China41.36.9
31 Piotr Bendyk Poland39.96.7
32 Gulliver Greece39.46.6
33 Eliyah Lailah Belgium38.46.4
34 Tomas Gonzalo Greece37.36.2
35 blackapple Slovenia36.16
36 Tonyukuk Belgium35.45.9
37 KAPTANKARA Turkey355.8
38 Abdullah Catli Turkey34.95.8
39 torcida Croatia34.35.7
40 manpaspal Spain34.35.7
41 Apsik Poland345.7

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