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Don Vito Corleone In Greece (Political)
Posted 7 months ago by
DonV Corleone    

Hello Greece...

as maybe u know me I ur Enemy :/
Here I not

I was enemy of Gabriel78 , becuase he take Israel a lot of times in TEMP Servers anyway, Becuase of that I Decied be ur Enemy...

But in this Server I change my desicion about Greece and Decied to Help and Be with u in same TEAM, as u see I Party Leader and Congressmam... who think I'll hurt on that I'll not let him send Candidate can quit and Open/Join new Party, and I Swear at My Honor on that: Before I'll be ur Enemy, I'll Quit from all, MU/PARTY/CONGRESS.

So - Lets do a FUN!

Haill Greece

• Sorry for my Bad English

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Comments (5)
08-11-2018 22:42:53
(7 months ago)


08-11-2018 16:48:17
(7 months ago)

loui For How Long I want...
Sorry I decied now dont talk with the Stupid Greeks from Secura... Who hate me - Only say Bullshits... I come with Real Motivation, U will not going fell it


08-11-2018 16:09:33
(7 months ago)

for how long it will hold that??

07-11-2018 22:08:37
(7 months ago)

sergio19 Hahaha I never can't forget... But how many TEMP Servers i can Hit against Blue Flag?
and Becuase one Person...

and Now I not Patriot so IDC also from the PAST (ur Point...)

07-11-2018 22:04:52
(7 months ago)

lets forget what happened to other server here is other story!!LETS MAKE GREECE GREAT AGAIN!!

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