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[stats][mu] Day 1102 - Day 1190 (Statistics)
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Hi, MU Stats From Day 1102 to Day 1190 From Battle ID 58407 to 63711.

All The Data only includes, Attacks and RWs without tournaments

Burnt Gold: It is calculated based on Q1 Weps (0.01 Gold
per unit) and Q5 Weps (0.035 Gold
per unit)) only and hunted BHs are subtracted from Total Cost.

Active Members: all the players that have fought in this time period from the military unit.

#MUActive MembersQ0Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5DMGBHsBurnt Gold
3Peruvian Golden Visa4230839118353030700037179.018.568.18781521610
5Armada Imperial Jabonica2527179746005060459194157.598.217.48557713933
613 Legion Gemina195329535584000590274153.376.247.46493216035
7Stompdown Killaz22543842604462200458881141.235.913.304115112910
11The Belgian Legion18596525796000248839114.607.283.3284666637
13We love overkill915760904850105530389186.772.053.0366777342
1623 SAS Regiment6179571207201210722601075.267.963.3996074996
17Imperial Army13785641128041588929026113268.235.861.5215007768
21Angry Forks736142643300013044655.680.806.0353043310
22Rongyos Garda537544439420009090955.155.547.1342782236
24Dys Multi Farm132727203200015673554.484.620.3281304856
25The GODFATHER10445021745110025052254.385.618.2524146873
29Fear The North92586443997555016825847.927.138.5985283689
30Hungarian Elit Unit18286701432122470013713046.523.761.3394104182
31Overkill Specialisti58841543200018122946.442.269.5072105347
32Estonian Defence Forces8157902057000017180546.437.201.3373384529
33JK Multi Farm92527494214012770943.157.439.0831363839
34N A S217662321981965011328442.348.224.9812123227
35Greek Next Top Models7530200100013956742.296.376.9321484165
36Italian army merc MU81701112145810406201737.567.721.4212672050
37Stbklzcczzlv elitni Ceskoarmadni vojenska jednotka gang2100321706662009185037.074.741.7632642601
39Pakistan National Army577403017900014136433.242.917.7954413045
41Peaky Blinders41665269600010883432.579.773.1981503086
42Varian s Multi Farm9648029200010157031.969.126.6501532793
43The Worst Army2468417050009498931.308.156.3611992347
44Batallon Huascar8143792416705013330131.038.354.2743093362
46Knights Templar64326563690007156428.947.564.3792411863
47Over Powered95781440009885028.373.881.5101012956
49Sons Of Anarchy1110153380007557125.637.999.9171591853
52FIGHT CLUB330117408303113702274924.023.137.7111705-5988
53Big Bang X_X MU4611442220008331023.289.938.1052101908
54Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie38130551190008099922.933.410.0422562106
55Band Of Brothers7125411800153005717621.953.304.1791301469
56DRAWING SWORD1210679050002635620.158.452.44044782
57Carpathian Wolves712777629460004820919.880.365.6842391122
58Bolivian Army30570100008591519.773.406.892923117
59Black Clan147700003060219.217.135.69979676
60Golden Garuda12101224777078003615918.698.955.671811108
61Nights Watch9271620930104420617.868.092.134641248
62Just GO4156313910004437317.185.059.572761187
63Pole nime113901100140008692316.954.625.9561172557
65Uchiha Clan223900003759316.646.500.957411112
66Grey Wolves4508010208300004501016.173.154.3151021167
68Marsh Family2390730008950416.058.818.162684-287
69The Sentinels57848129795005379915.981.301.834641693
70Persian gulf824033508780006344315.604.516.7142141659
71Makedonska falanga mk114047600011864615.343.278.6986991062
74Katonai alakulat13857687352932004818514.744.436.9061621750
76NORTH HUN KHANATE269484342300433440714.127.508.848101743
77Wolves of the Valley32513770004570813.041.841.3821041081
78Magyar Nephadsereg1706733890004170712.701.008.877561214
79Dead Military Unit5951550004318012.355.684.634391318
80Osmanli Imparatorlugu1905315830551913612.018.492.917153221
81SLOVAKIA WARRIORS6300660006779711.968.619.8691271738
82The Rogue Squad7152620004179911.461.774.901421256
83The Force561261830002602411.153.570.75640773
85Bulgarian National Forces271134160001419410.885.614.41515456
86Socks in Sandals618334159785105049010.396.084.090781537
88win win all i do is win24600000308859.994.442.19438891
89Riders of the Apocalypse211250000215459.836.306.56772394
90Brutally Uncontrollable Ridiculous Psychopaths1510000202169.595.644.99919613
91P A R S586851204500363689.391.538.48285860
94Red Devils Army2465100000401919.158.880.180811003
96Kingdom of Iberians581386872500266168.486.151.52649773
97ALB FOR1146579000202788.474.728.22096231
99New Empire313064000278228.019.879.63338784
100Slovenia on the cross18050000317447.570.123.092107576
101Milites Noctem565540766040198027.512.048.633134431
102House Of Pain2510000241597.366.301.10670496
104Melody of Death6585187735160312247.055.095.28343966
108K A R M A15451781000163046.307.812.81436408
109Dynasty Yus71089031073510116516.283.398.76012689
110Winter Squirrel Squad2415523124000131056.248.464.18722580
112Mihawk Cave235493595000249956.195.151.53566581
113Ejercito Argentino155621000183556.102.406.70213584
114Chengriha air forces1265160000261755.895.163.74433753
115Armenian Fighters115421401137800171075.861.371.3411195
117Potato Warriors21061558000212695.664.703.19270410
118Karabag Team25556320000110525.468.511.24667115
119Gvozdeni Puk216071222000271385.229.786.332389-983
1203 Reggimento199142800077184.830.571.42117199


1. Nascimento 666 Gold
2. Knival 501 Gold
3. Annabel Lee 500 Gold
4. Messi 201 Gold
5. CaptainManiac 189 Gold
6. System Shutdown 188 Gold
7. Dordox 175 Gold
8. Zodan 162 Gold
9. anilsahbaz98 149 Gold
10. Gerry Khan 50.02 Gold
11. GunnyBunny 50 Gold
12. Sultan Sahbaz 50 Gold
13. Mu Gamma Xi 30 Gold
14. Diyan4o 21 Gold
16. blackapple 10 Gold
17. Sub Zero 0.69 Gold
last.🔪🐘0.01 BOB

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