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Elbasan wipe (Fun)
Posted 4 months ago by
Luk Punnisher    

Shall we keep posting fun content of Albanian patriots gladly being wiped by friendly countries?
37.5 % NO cause we are Batriots
25.0 % Free Albania or Wipe from friendly country as CZECH for example
25.0 % No cause we are Patriots
12.5 % Free Albania
0.0 % Maybe
0.0 % YES
Total votes: 8

The arrival of the Austro-Hungarian forces in Elbasan was not opposed by most of the patriots of the region, and
those who had emigrated abroad for various reasons. Patriots in the region of Elbasan benefited from the
concessions made by the Austrian authorities in the interest of national movement. The economic situation in
the region of Elbasan was still difficult.

Besides the lack of grain, the biggest problem that existed at this time
was speculations by some people who benefited from this difficult situation to be enriched by increasing grain
prices. Poverty and economic collapse made it difficult living in this period, this condition had a negative impact
on social morality, the health of the population and increasing mortality among the poor population. Austro- Hungarian authorities during this time took several actions to improve the situation but the misery was still
present and food prices were not lowered. Austro-Hungarian authorities established in Elbasan and in several
other cities military offices, which recruited Albanian soldiers, who were led by Austrian officers. Austro- Hungarian authorities undertook action to disarm the local population by collecting all the weapons in the region
of Elbasan. During this time the Austro-Hungarians built a post office in the city of Elbasan, also raises an
Austrian trading agency in the city of Elbasan to promote trade in this region.

In January 1916, the Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian troops, entered into Albanian
territory by occupying most of it. Also, the Elbasan region became part of the occupation. During World War I, the first that invaded this region were the Bulgarian forces have arrived
from Macedonia, who settled in Elbasan on 29 January 1916. The first news on the approach of the Bulgarian troops around the region of Elbasan, the local population received from
Lef Nosi, patriot of the city of Elbasan. After the Bulgarian forces in this region also came the
Austro-Hungarian forces. The Austrian-Hungarian located in Albania there were about 100
thousand soldiers.21 Between representatives of the city of Elbasan, Lef Nosi, Kasem Sejdini, Dr. Filip Papajani, Emin Matraxhiut, and the other party Serafimoff Bulgarian captain, company commander Lieutenant Kristoff was signed an agreement. The contents of this agreement included cooperation and recognition of the Bulgarian influence in this region, of
course without prejudice to the national rights of Albanians. After signing the agreement, in
sign of gratitude, the administration of the Municipality of the city set the Bulgarian and
Albanian flags. At that time in the town of Elbasan, entered the national forces led by
Ahmet Zogolli. He collaborated with Aqif Biçakçiun, Lef Nosin and other patriots of this
region. In a bilateral agreement between the Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian, Bulgarian
forces were obliged to leave from the region of Elbasan and turn to the eastern part of the
country from where then put their full influence. The arrival of the Austro-Hungarian forces
in Elbasan was not opposed by most of the patriots of the region, and those who had
emigrated abroad for various reasons. In a proclamation titled "precious, brotherly loyalty" to
the Albanian people on January 28, 1916, by Preng Bibdoda, Seid Pasha, Fejzi Alizoti, Luigj Gurakuqi, Aqif Elbasani, Ahmet Dakli, who was interned in Cetinje Montenegro, indicated
that: “In recent years we shared with you the evils and sufferings, but we are starting to
give you an example to put you completely under the orders of the Austro-Hungarian
authorities, showing no doubt, but by honoring and expressing your gratitude towards Austro- Hungarian army".

Elbasan and its history of being wiped, part 1

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