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Howdy partners! (Fun)
Posted 8 months ago by


It's ya boy, skinny-pe... I mean, Nipeks! Today I've made another quite-a-low-effort-article just to get closer to having 10 fun articles made and some day get an achievement.

But as some of you will probs cry if I just spam, I "try" to make it more interesting.
So, without further ado:

My newspaper, which was first to be made, as I already said in one of my articles , published it's first article as ONE OF THE FIRST!

1. & 2. & 3. The usual "Here we go kids, server is up, invite players, be a president yada-yada-ya. Of course, those articles were all made by admins, once again, those get made automatically so no way I could've gotten a better spot than those guys.

Well, what about 4th article ? Nope, that one got made by killermehi , where he talked about the #ATrade Rules.

WELL, WHAT ABOUT THE 5TH ARTICLE ?!? ... Yep, that was mine.

In that article I wished luck to all the players of the new perma server. (One of the reasons I made that was to get 100 upvotes and get an achievement, which failed AND to have an article to upvote, because I'm a rebel and won't upvote admin posts)
However, if you still haven't upvoted my first post , then please do it now as it will make me really happy when it reaches 100 upvotes.

Welp, once again, it's all I have. See ya next time!


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Comments (4)
18-11-2018 20:48:28
(7 months ago)

“Fun” category articles, you rotten cabbage

16-11-2018 23:51:01
(8 months ago)

Well, uve got weird understanding of fun

16-11-2018 23:28:43
(8 months ago)

I don’t really care about your criticism, though.

Feel free to unsub, as I already said in my second article, I post these articles to get 10 fun articles made and get an achievement, not a single dingaling given about you. meeees5

16-11-2018 22:50:05
(8 months ago)

please stop posting these bragging garbage articles or ill unsub...ur just saying hey look, i got this before you haha look at me...

noone cares, make something good please...

"contructive critisism"

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