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Japan Org posted 16 days ago

Q5 weps on market for 1.6 jpy. Our mm has fixed to 0.1 gold. It's an economical achievment for our great nation o7
Japan Org posted 2 months ago

Q5 food gift and weapon supply: on for ally battles. If someone wants to take, just pm Org o/
Japan Org posted 2 months ago

Normalde barışsever bir ülkeyiz fakat Tr'den ARİF adlı bir kişi başkanımızı arayıp siz japonsunuz akıllı adamsınız bir kere diyip kandırdı bizi.

Japan Org posted 11 months ago

We will be involved in a very important battle in 1 week. Let's prepare ourselves and show Japan's power to everyone.You can get more information from Discord.

Japan Org posted 1 year ago

Salaries are increased. Because the value of our money fell. Moreover, the salaries of our workers who work with gold has been increased. Soon we are planning to establish a global market network in Japan. Most recently, our government or government-sponsored agencies will receive a 0.05 [official CC price] if you cannot sell your CC.

Thanks///////// Kahuna.
Japan Org posted 1 year ago

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