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Do NOT hit vs Sweden, we got a NAP https://alpha.e-sim.org/article.html?id=2048
Norway Org posted 8 months ago

This country placed in TOP10 in a Country Tournament #4 and received 2000.0 Gold for it's efforts. Thank you all for the great fun! o7
Norway Org posted 9 months ago

Norway Org is looking for gold workers. We offer guaranteed payment for work daily at 300 gametime. Seeking workers of all economic skills.

ES 3 = 3,75 Gold
ES 4 = 4 Gold
ES 5 = 4.75 Gold
ES 6 = 5.5 Gold
ES 7 = 6.40 Gold
ES 8 = 7.25 Gold
ES 9 = 8 Gold

We are making great progress in national Org to secure a properous future for all of Norway. Send PM to Norway Org if you are a seeking reliable payment of gold daily by an established national government.
Norway Org posted 11 months ago

Norway Org is looking for workers. Send PM if you are interested in working for gold, and government member will respond with your formal offer for your salary in gold.
Norway Org posted 11 months ago

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