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War with Iran has ended, because Iran was completely conquered

CP Grey Wolves
Pakistan Org posted 15 days ago

ulan adam olun aklınızı alırım
Pakistan Org posted 29 days ago

The agreement with india has ended.

We will take back our occupied territories.
Pakistan Org posted 7 months ago

Woaw.. I came..

President Bakkal Gazi
Pakistan Org posted 7 months ago

[UPDATE] - Funds(PKR against Gold and Gold against PKR) have been put up for exchange in Monetary Market at given rate)

Hello all Friends A new government has taken charge of Pakistan and I believe we must have some changes regarding Monetary Policies and Product Market that is completely disrupt . Foreign Affairs will also be handled as efficiently as possbile Wait for more .

The President ,
King of Pakistan ,
Pakistan Org posted 7 months ago

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