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War with Iran has ended, because Iran was completely conquered

CP ferryboi
Pakistan Org posted 5 months ago

ulan adam olun aklınızı alırım
Pakistan Org posted 5 months ago

The agreement with india has ended.

We will take back our occupied territories.
Pakistan Org posted 11 months ago

Woaw.. I came..

President Bakkal Gazi
Pakistan Org posted 1 year ago

[UPDATE] - Funds(PKR against Gold and Gold against PKR) have been put up for exchange in Monetary Market at given rate)

Hello all Friends A new government has taken charge of Pakistan and I believe we must have some changes regarding Monetary Policies and Product Market that is completely disrupt . Foreign Affairs will also be handled as efficiently as possbile Wait for more .

The President ,
King of Pakistan ,
Pakistan Org posted 1 year ago

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