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Netherlands War:

War has begun, and we have made the first move. Please watch for active battles against Netherlands.

You can also join our discord for battle coordination.
United Kingdom Org posted 11 months ago

Discord Notice:

Please join our Discord, and stay up to date with the latest news, announcements, and battle coordination.

If you have a different name on Discord, please change your nickname to match your in-game name. This will make communication much easier.

United Kingdom Official Discord
United Kingdom Org posted 11 months ago

Standing Orders:

Assist our allies Belgium and Portugal.

Please make sure to check for active battles, or RWs. We may be quiet here in the UK, but that doesn't mean that our help isn't required. Supplies from the UK Org should be on the market soon.

Long live the United Kingdom!
United Kingdom Org posted 11 months ago

Read the latest article from
President MrLogano here.

Presidential Statement
United Kingdom Org posted 1 year ago

Standing Battle Orders:

In the absence of orders from Ministry of Defence ORG please check for on-going battles here

Fight for our friends Belgium and Portugal.

Resistance Wars do not show up unless you are in the country involved, so be sure to check back often.
United Kingdom Org posted 1 year ago

Victory in Europe Day 2020:

Check out the latest article from the President here .

United Kingdom Org posted 1 year ago

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