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[Day #1]Military Unit Cup Tournament #18 (Statistics)
Posted 6 months ago by

Hi there,
i wanted to do something out of boredom so i made you this article,

This is only data from day 1 of Military Unit Cup Tournament #18 and i will update it tomorrow after its done...

some of the data was obtained with the help of Multi 1 , so thank you <3

Enjoy some stats

Part 2

Top 60 Citizens By Damage Dealt

1 MMH ASD0850005464546,674,018
2 The Gamer Stompdown Killaz0300003505312863870
3 Cemal Weltschmerz000002145222455892
4 B O R G Big Bang X_X42310001721205526212
5 TheLastSamurai Pharaohs01200001975201145993
6 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz15540001590200276486
7 Emir Timur DRACARYS53150002485198284943
8 ArnasDek ASD02700002010190688345
9 Gulliver Iranian Golden Army04600001383179446881
10 escobar reis DRACARYS10300001995162649649
11 Connor Kenway DRACARYS0450001755156044735
12 ibrahim2626 Weltschmerz2500001310143242175
13 Gu Ga OverPowered oD4621700001215139955361
14 kostas620 SIRINA0470001576135452062
15 TANTALOS LEGENDS03990001341121894252
16 MainkraftiwiczPL HONOR01050001810121532643
17 ratio Azad Hind Fauj11140001720121365099
18 Sultan Murad Pharaohs0250001380120288226
19 grubcio2121 HONOR201150001070115640063
20 GL5 Azad Hind Fauj141190001869115092498
21 Dont cry for Daenyboi Argentina OverPowered oD41610001235113236009
22 Korkmaz1923 AKINCILAR15260001074112497744
23 muhammet5454 DRACARYS251250001580104992125
24 MrLovaLova Stompdown Killaz31150000891100458275
25 Piotr Bendyk HONOR00000113798082152
26 Celebrimbor BEASTs50000075595861029
27 Heleen Iranian Golden Army2587100079494336644
28 Sam Witwicky Stompdown Killaz0100000141591030237
29 Escapist AKINCILAR383100072589639764
30 tziotzos1 SIRINA01000078088004340
31 El Profesor No Mercy00250097087438005
32 burakyilmaz DRACARYS022000078584093986
33 Oliver007 Pharaohs0000098582243067
34 OPTICSTORES SIRINA015000071178492566
35 ferhatizma AKINCILAR03700074378095978
36 Ve1SeL Big Bang X_X451000094578014118
37 Oghuz Khan TURAN5000074076646003
38 zental BAM48118400038374977264
39 Burkincan DRACARYS15500000115072412418
40 Danke ASD039500097072283634
41 faust Weltschmerz0100865022570917661
42 arekles Milites Noctem018600080970798032
43 Ragnar Lodbrok Big Bang X_X05000071569354494
44 Dethecus Weltschmerz0000069068013434
45 Majestic TURAN8016000068367089746
46 tomukas1111 ASD051500059566545489
47 zapatista BEASTs050500050063747889
48 Marham CYRUS GUARD710800057062903848
49 Hagborn Iranian Golden Army60123000035259997105
50 ElKenaey Pharaohs0000063058000039
51 ansisLtd ASD040500040657820145
52 Banchi Weltschmerz0300265046056415670
53 enyetkilikisi Weltschmerz050310041055823474
54 boukas SIRINA054500038554508693
55 Volitza the Great Weltschmerz000250051553768394
56 mpouzoukovios SIRINA065600031053585270
57 Atta Pharaohs13038600087552656403
58 deskam27 Batallon Huascar0300042945994154
59 Suurmeister Estonian Defence Forces184400060545821319
60 Cian Ghost Division5218200051944973875

Top 20 Military Units By Damage

3Stompdown Killaz3717450008126800680612
7Big Bang X_X54917510003881440425307
9Iranian Golden Army13026210002654347601958
11OverPowered oD41382310002810283205410
12Azad Hind Fauj152330003589236457597
15No Mercy75160885001495156788899
16Armada Imperial Jabonica12648000775151494595
18Hungarian Elit Unit468129201300760125213258
20Batallon Huascar10415000998100962748

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