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Fiercest Fighters (BiH-SRB War) (Statistics)
Posted 2 years ago by
T U R S I C    

Hi,this is the fiercest fighters in BiH-SRB war

The data was obtained from Multi 1 's Bot, Thanks for your contribution to e-sim community

Citizen Total DamageClutchesBHsQ0 wepQ1wepQ5 wep
T U R S I C 332873436827541122167617249
Homer_S 247427073133632275515013554
shield 243513706750757750170458174
SickSide 208917120218392345212612131
Ve1SeL 19997413982731472361412523
B O R G 19564928102042279194512786
Mungos2001 167282185529221206019447
Sub Zero 139174866133221120114253865
EZEL 133907771511105109839993
dabog 127448162612213462130857948
Ragnar Lodbrok 119203017211139013036824
tank_ 117777431718174506524
mrvica0102 1173804804148121641345905
RistaSRB 11316887451518236456752
Andjelika 9874984861011231513546145
Kralice 895905223121081005430
Zeljko Bebek 8840998559642205730
Mikson 87444812221129221904586
Metalicana 8437055128912028953857
daenyboi 8372915091310134034404287
Tomas Gonzalo 821248458911856105322521
999azoooz999 80257479312249524953
srpski_ratnik 756140307616124305705
Guho123 74147374592541443903
Aiden Pearce 7222004828829039453536
dekili 7159479936669244330
RomanSG 7125471515171081014765
Alemdar 6885742871309251485
S A L A H A D I N 683615210714011354546
HellBoy 681242898372503318
Maybe Next Time 5928895757142282052716
DjeneraI 5866265458823003773
Goth Angel Sinner 58533834867303264468
Alexander III of Macedon 57508356238365713867
Nesa666 57018749046159121972467
Emperor 56809390132107081051123
blackapple 55257788626053151939
Retired Warrior 5415248583637558393470
Mrki1389 540636037411011962873
f a h a d 5229844066103196544129
DzPunisher 505131208382006930
muradif sirovina 500270297754722954280
Vlada 505 4924939555829525484059
aquatimus 49092631715816122496
1Sh0T 483314422851502976
An0nym0us 482507578620113320
Tvrtko I 4820174817642840802993
Vojvoda Zivojin Misic 47817770110135655404070
mahyer 474977065672012563623
Eliyah Lailah 47130683611200232642160
Fare1921 4599471425376748492923
Boigny 458736661351131702790
Aaaas 448000545107003280
VicerimusMortem 447363691230372157
arsalan222 4459672197714726353380
IgorWolf 441811891301003420
1987 426260344130474436
onuraladi 4254846925825129122668
OverKill 4224425454525895755
lukijano 4173758674710012602067
BrokenKhan 3912833824211546131606
Robija 363061533470102780
dragan4e747 361998443040702484
MMH 3585481064260674940
barcelona_oleeee 3506000663103116049710
BarbaRossa17` 33447821522959352090
LeGned 327817536740712888
HUGINIUS 32701987228002739
JigSaw 3262326302605232032
Diyan4o 31605566522002127
Mercenary 3151539173121012822987
Koniecpolski 3106918152312651520
Nascimento 30376970314141510651225
piflar 301889297153596315115
AlexandaR 30058502224804852370
Kristi 29955700815003856
marjanix 28874691919048560
Blue Ranger 2819438378456010601990
tasty 2790379731104624270
Khan Koljo Veliki 27858153045002058
ka4o 2762551950205721361
papas the slayer 2717538533323664727
belayko 26908467712556811500
Razer98 2675272855226520661357
come2findu 2636597261101754
SirotanovicAlija 2610944951720402227
anonym 014726201764481570
Zeljko Komsic 25807667712002160
JureS 25643079825111301605
kavala 25250636126668452052
Lorenco 247416491011055700
Skera 24732959533804048670
Max Sniper 2455805663387914542563
201x captain 243830645323753251830
Your MAMA Lover 23828572901001050
ezraiil 2377290623242737415
sAbEr2013 2337021602207701270
Simke Bracala 227353814663519662110
faust 22522315732101566431
Scorpio72 2243368372610319501297

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