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[stats][citizens] Day1003 - Day1043 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 1003 to Day 1043 From Battle ID 54282 to 55806.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Citizen statistics

1 GeorgeAEL64 GAMA27176317261017996451551763139.940.942.319
2 logitech Golden Garuda351024112071489831502823.092.764.083
3 Emperor Pole nime213320969385971541535521.832.793.034
4 kalaka Freedom1728940605511975461561387319.087.071.159
5 Tzanika Band Of Brothers750136546220217491387018.773.073.388
6 Jack Rafflesia Golden Garuda3780718513649247396571718.538.822.341
7 Saif Ali GAMA884826867321313100881518.399.636.037
8 SoolKing N A S164198252887927163611315.608.033.652
9 ezraiil iQuit014035380757131581724815.186.785.539
10 Arjuna Golden Garuda215130893651529399102123014.582.527.587
11 Sasuke Uchiha` Uchiha Clan100342921284054414.275.365.754
12 garbra Peruvian Golden Visa144490724203232195481214.132.605.328
13 Warriors Armada Imperial Jabonica152487212038261014.065.058.708
14 guitarplayer2 MAD20618136807359110821872156413.123.929.160
15 eternity Slovenia on the cross3217149953326603087013.088.884.455
16 Ethnic Azerbaijan ALLAH is the ONE0887798670465851226712.404.550.296
17 sasomiewrem Cherish335039512240711134611.396.904.848
18 Suojanaamarimies Pole nime10351719449084325107302111.327.975.139
19 VicerimusMortem Weltschmerz10119449772927310.716.960.730
20 Greog Gregorovic Fear The North296323142547015150462810.627.719.612
21 Barlas61 Armada Imperial Jabonica74978923332723383412410.444.941.240
22 _Misiek_ Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie1301302524710531301310.278.952.400
23 PeppaPig DRAWING SWORD3680192502586727960912410.255.921.417
24 Lutzie Komori The North23831262836162304781218310.244.060.333
25 NikoJames Peruvian Golden Visa26002226814753271010.238.772.987
26 Naktinis Vytis9382044136230368941127810.046.556.942
27 Alpha Weltschmerz29015240311273923169.833.773.710
28 anonym K A R M A260530413561426680108609.664.862.480
29 niko13 NERV002129671192959.663.096.955
30 JoskaPista Rongyos Garda8692524835030465108118719.429.281.409
31 mrarizona Fekete Sereg1794148669960484111119589.324.763.367
32 Stbklzcczzlv Stbklzcczzlv elitni Ceskoarmadni vojenska jednotka gang42662383061620050913581469.319.625.041
33 Motoriukas Vytis714018269278283728795649.224.234.946
34 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz806611942164242087036189.115.939.441
35 Black Line Freedom075365401835174319.021.208.708
36 bigbadpuppy Armada Imperial Jabonica13102368121898853711951439.020.574.023
37 NaRuTo11 Peruvian Golden Visa9613115151021554324108.974.671.442
38 MoN SsiF N A S532038524383831311566238.920.134.900
39 Army Vytis39252782030265490128117618.916.302.195
40 merlux WtF6491794367523207686528.133.622.123
41 Ai laik Heda Armada Imperial Jabonica24723023224121966125157.975.485.484
42 zzz121243 Golden Garuda8089694539426103119561477.954.047.958
43 Prosaso9 Peruvian Golden Visa6450440239092307639127.945.276.062
44 Yoshi The Belgian Legion39501639167231507.923.647.751
45 classfighter Hungarian Elit Unit7600766409783518978417.386.253.844
46 sAbEr2013 IGA20388217853101472197.306.144.213
47 One Punch Man Fear The North8210160932170536410567507.288.051.019
48 Ronald Speirs Over Powered600133613014957.233.626.615
49 Knival Peruvian Golden Visa114513012560102271037.177.076.684
50 juku97 Estonian Defence Forces3787215228682267059287.134.358.508
51 spoxik Fear The North59773321224994088864396.784.309.789
52 fantom95 Dys Multi Farm181589733512316.704.549.287
53 nusssss Fear The North27054554188041846537266.681.672.903
54 SpongeBob S E H E M288213732474727877106626.668.917.916
55 Juan Guaido Band Of Brothers20100162321353345286.478.004.872
56 Fear from the jew god Dys Multi Farm5554016891112392366.337.977.143
57 ansisLtd Vytis12401574513694312103110486.239.531.630
58 Mozura FIGHT CLUB28989220718197299576.222.822.413
59 jebb Peruvian Golden Visa18129191678411830895.909.070.966
60 Blood Eagle Armada Imperial Jabonica16361091205811625028195.893.549.676
61 Piotr Bendyk HONOR25189782030559514077385.827.792.586
62 janli The Belgian Legion167016880155442096563165.737.065.509
63 Suicide Kermit Armada Imperial Jabonica015105744516895.736.456.486
64 Filip od Pela Makedonska falanga mk125521681130875597142217435.627.743.996
65 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica145011317126702827623185.551.485.468
66 Banat Oasis168671308396112469341205.503.887.357
67 1987 13 Legion Gemina28850242621533156345.446.631.662
68 moita The Belgian Legion3150216601236251175.407.512.274
69 marko1 23 SAS Regiment140225279681386535255.374.816.737
70 Otto Habsburg AS iZ20174005315771432116130765.355.591.415
71 Shia Hauria Bad Elements34716681038576341365.275.353.457
72 Zodan NERV10602932202091807259405.145.765.007
73 Desnuque Argentum4081006150851545639105.130.047.840
74 Irbissa Stompdown Killaz1036535561334510952214.873.513.529
75 MMH Vytis552483564502147525184.855.069.783
76 Br1ngarN win win all i do is win1569514209137613174.851.337.064
77 manolo Peruvian Golden Visa18355889477261054.835.680.713
78 Global Dys Multi Farm8403752165692117821164.831.315.015
79 TANTALOS SIRINA80023723904641104.808.112.828
80 V69 Peruvian Golden Visa207054251315513135354.796.084.781
81 deskam27 Batallon Huascar60613008571368564.772.184.090
82 pesuruh Golden Garuda15163878290118481964.756.072.468
83 Medusa Karabag Team15694881121902126756324.720.672.364
84 MrRius Pharaohs69082567760685231051984.688.504.906
85 xenotech Indonesian Army1054219550814957422144.560.690.290
86 Quintus Lentulus Batiatus GAMA111041530191124.560.465.566
87 terminator YN Golden Garuda145026565115282964.538.980.450
88 Kidd Keo NERV1002513615743125134.535.945.855
89 RomanSG Over Powered00675664404.529.707.273
90 Levi Ackerman Gealach1035429600672014114.528.160.491
91 Elnino4 13 Legion Gemina20630151261004532164.496.482.332
92 Sub Zero Sons Of Anarchy6482510880632913114.486.203.004
93 Forgotten Armada Imperial Jabonica29934794218626454.428.001.731
94 Gu Ga Over Powered5260137041004059104.424.638.986
95 Camaro Peruvian Golden Visa1435223112590131331374.416.756.263
96 Obi Wan Kenobi The Force20020905108191864.375.422.310
97 SelmanSadi55 Dys Multi Farm915241313995341184.342.063.993
98 Doom_Bringer YASHMA301435210091023336264.341.471.806
99 Micro78 iSLam30619258441346272194.178.925.627
100 Messi JK Multi Farm0080175419594.169.615.224

Top 10 BH Hunters&Top 10 Round Clutchers

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