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[stats] Norway Vs Estonia (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 907 to Day 1110 From Battle ID 52707 to 58306.
(Attacks and RWs only)

This is as accurate as it could be, I like to call it Free stats on a time budget

Overall Stats


Citizen statistics

1 Emperor Pole nime64532991246287177436143317154.059.368.528
2 juku97 Estonian Defence Forces30322343122776119430528015236.896.637.792
3 Suojanaamarimies Pole nime369962229215928313743171259933.876.703.621
4 EDEN Angry Forks345356012675281417517712531.547.850.170
5 sasomiewrem Cherish358221510853067115719710830.351.547.210
6 Naktinis Vytis46353087210240878618218512129.634.602.659
7 Suurmeister Estonian Defence Forces146851561235428953121959328.825.886.256
8 Palotepa OneManArmy106693956693335129633920512726.595.868.723
9 Kuperjanov OneManArmy14876208587181721915610725.990.370.013
10 anilsahbaz98 Freedom1075164414351381419318411025.064.820.035
11 kalaka Freedom934530900839896701821347520.932.164.995
12 Belmond0 OneManArmy182410778244291651065918.267.980.905
13 Picasso Angry Forks3146347739354411181157616.712.556.687
14 Mee Estonian Defence Forces294531577915597206988915.660.363.033
15 mgm22 Estonian Defence Forces393389774513548224887914.054.403.036
16 Ynlah WARDER34985707578614641301159514.030.798.868
17 Black Line -0344553032859253369.903.984.390
18 Ethnic Azerbaijan OneManArmy3544903129253025749239.694.548.231
19 Urwen Lalaith Freedom50277535923227651259.380.854.733
20 MMH Vytis2055563291953654015483419.037.103.777

1 spoxik Fear The North281188475192566192036247932553.873.276.076
2 merlux WtF303261535148840155736925924931.330.202.544
3 Greog Gregorovic Fear The North11609307611324475022414819030.018.654.600
4 nusssss Fear The North4802860210191982027815613625.695.949.672
5 HADESv1 Fear The North3158186228783569116816511823.666.860.119
6 One Punch Man Fear The North16820146348072096130319015222.487.206.183
7 marko1 23 SAS Regiment20652008617852019310710418.613.840.321
8 _Misiek_ Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie296057061261413102936017.783.583.829
9 Who If Not Pig WARDER833113070749449129618517.095.754.619
10 xdxm WtF17775798595791649510315.447.899.362
11 RRARR Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie6955386614138688423311110014.074.111.886
12 daenyboi WARDER5150251845049392148966113.687.432.153
13 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz1201227256322334091611408112.334.298.153
14 seainhell SADECE OLULER GORUR1645666237844324100435411.234.855.159
15 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica1847260522627650913761649.700.068.325
16 ezraiil iQuit070022190154579264379.368.959.853
17 Apsik WARDER1472406302752967321748499.269.733.639
18 Tom Sulivan Fear The North145474594080240013160759.241.753.931
19 Piotr Bendyk HONOR3826217732959365516584358.840.121.767
20 Dordox We love overkill56650353842568376558.807.735.322

Top 20 BH Hunters&Top 20 Round Clutchers

Military Unit statistics

#MUActive MembersQ0Q1Q2Q3Q4Q5DMGBHs
1Fear The North1413806115454430200729868190.994.111.0901399
2Estonian Defence Forces1050495185661030481683115.724.869.147738
4Pole nime21015282328300040557087.936.072.149558
8Angry Forks898104372300023273957.526.535.420337
12Peruvian Golden Visa34554269243100015360137.497.879.198171
13Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie5108949832300010842137.445.260.337244
14Armada Imperial Jabonica201066981174100012189434.292.021.201242
1623 SAS Regiment77691230500011991226.515.320.258159
17Stompdown Killaz15164621161289407522126.024.279.314281
18The Belgian Legion211718304024116509856124.567.075.219195
20Golden Garuda1410613379040009382216.740.691.174767
21SADECE OLULER GORUR3505267900005008015.409.201.90251
23JK Multi Farm8136023600005838914.109.245.065133
25We love overkill5162120160105375512.328.887.238109
2613 Legion Gemina829311450005038010.846.969.99453
27Over Powered14185821000610939.595.113.70660
29The GODFATHER126157221800000342059.276.153.88580
30Big Bang X_X860151510000360119.201.026.559101

Top 10 Battles

1battleStatistics.html?id=56562 EstoniaNorway4664116806835524012315394
2battleStatistics.html?id=55825 NorwaySweden440195625283423433763974
3battleStatistics.html?id=57622 NorwayFinland352336114228821157246776
4battleStatistics.html?id=55868 EstoniaNorway5422194257806017734809048
5battleStatistics.html?id=58322 NorwayFinland351257257272117662121929
6battleStatistics.html?id=56930 FinlandNorway323049623500617421205071
7battleStatistics.html?id=58705 EstoniaNorway812576925625817075656554
8battleStatistics.html?id=58301 EstoniaNorway493664966898016682226135
9battleStatistics.html?id=52617 NorwayEstonia25987287217052615622178527
10battleStatistics.html?id=57135 EstoniaNorway10521131814573912156999170


1. Nascimento 666 Gold
2. Knival 501 Gold
3. Annabel Lee 500 Gold
4. Messi 201 Gold
5. CaptainManiac 189 Gold
6. System Shutdown 188 Gold
7. Dordox 175 Gold
8. Zodan 162 Gold
9. anilsahbaz98 149 Gold
10. Gerry Khan 50.02 Gold
11. GunnyBunny 50 Gold
12. Sultan Sahbaz 50 Gold
13. Mu Gamma Xi 30 Gold
14. Diyan4o 21 Gold
16. blackapple 10 Gold
17. Sub Zero 0.69 Gold
last.🔪🐘0.01 BOB

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