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arg vol 2 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 883 to Day 1117 From Battle ID 50116 to 59498.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Citizen statistics

1 Warriors ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica48110037858055031001225240.635.095.987
2 NikoJames BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa107010693315241261432728.675.432.617
3 Tomas Gonzalo ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica71933088259632677128697428.137.828.710
4 NaRuTo11 BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa793213692639967781651003428.008.942.189
5 jebb BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa65631551584109740147932626.077.121.690
6 garbra BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa105801507879665591144991724.250.732.430
7 Mu Gamma Xi ArgentinaStompdown Killaz12545115785226236089722823.271.895.928
8 Knival BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa187782456349962644140611923.242.058.304
9 ezraiil BoliviaiQuit220111234238676891471091418.793.484.350
10 Sasuke Uchiha` BoliviaUchiha Clan114504661119959751418.062.560.619
11 Suicide Kermit ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica1431114447518853372817.661.097.808
12 Barlas61 BoliviaSpontane Ordusu1695107714594629782451616.602.896.557
13 Camaro BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa583472525070550312342815.973.227.326
14 SoolKing BoliviaN A S33274853028921053461114.944.495.812
15 manolo BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa364640423344534594421113.727.897.159
16 GeorgeAEL64 BoliviaGAMA81017334383222215937313.611.334.014
17 Ai laik Heda ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica1664119653366929371362313.220.994.276
18 Messi ArgentinaJK Multi Farm15012693826724758132613.134.300.278
19 Prosaso9 BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa112455703569240212853912.817.693.003
20 gust_suna BoliviaBolivian Army7636451423219360110622512.195.623.392
21 Blood Eagle BoliviaDys Multi Farm25138963554419956371511.848.078.675
22 V69 BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa1122544106324886901108711.560.945.105
23 Dordox ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica17723873536824354602311.422.951.834
24 Maiev Shadowsong ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica2633198833112333764432511.288.659.518
25 Ronald Speirs BoliviaOver Powered2760241141145223510.684.190.202
26 superbol BoliviaBolivian Army11081450013011760410519810.630.891.489
27 deskam27 BoliviaBatallon Huascar108419772944414637272510.389.990.167
28 Forgotten ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica52311732698824790162110.313.348.023
29 fantom95 BoliviaPatriots54886616437892716310.263.512.677
30 Adrian BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa155748963092427880281310.241.626.677
31 gustito22 ArgentinaArgentum781126341912781022959.690.294.748
32 Goodfella BoliviaOver Powered10181832920217592619.629.128.171
33 Goffer BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa85181945724166371752349.448.238.809
34 Alphorga Argentina - 12230107453449438979988.957.779.524
35 Fear from the jew god ArgentinaDys Multi Farm8016122112149401598.781.910.058
36 Desnuque ArgentinaArgentum9331523649247773148.143.186.280
37 NGolo Kante ArgentinaDys Multi Farm526820509100213337.714.625.832
38 Itachi BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa13809289336763601162067.696.752.330
39 Varian Wrynn ArgentinaPwnography47153024831150362257.631.308.582
40 Ojojq BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa39421573015971260923387.586.280.179
41 Goth Angel Sinner ArgentinaDys Multi Farm20534518238962512107.451.925.537
42 Galileo ArgentinaArgentum31028125235162561617.173.521.756
43 Neverx BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa9964366531792556695917.115.830.348
44 Darvid BoliviaPeruvian Golden Visa4865327661672846079426.979.590.318
45 _Misiek_ ArgentinaWojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie02513818298436.905.532.357
46 Kinkenia ArgentinaArmada Imperial Jabonica9252096260041204911146.880.514.617
47 YinYang ArgentinaPwnography2942112654121346.813.884.443
48 bigbadpuppy Argentina - 63761375614320246511146.708.013.169
49 Irbissa ArgentinaStompdown Killaz4974446747533611051426.578.417.884
50 Dezvinsel Nazaguzo ArgentinaInfinite51488919175267422176.468.518.644

Top 20 BH Hunters&Top 20 Round Clutchers

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USA as a world power? In E-Sim it is possible!

In E-Sim we have a huge, living world, which is a mirror copy of the Earth. Well, maybe not completely mirrored, because the balance of power in this virtual world looks a bit different than in real life. In E-Sim, USA does not have to be a world superpower, It can be efficiently managed as a much smaller country that has entrepreneurial citizens that support it's foundation. Everything depends on the players themselves and how they decide to shape the political map of the game.

Work for the good of your country and see it rise to an empire.

Activities in this game are divided into several modules. First is the economy as a citizen in a country of your choice you must work to earn money, which you will get to spend for example, on food or purchase of weapons which are critical for your progress as a fighter. You will work in either private companies which are owned by players or government companies which are owned by the state. After progressing in the game you will finally get the opportunity to set up your own business and hire other players. If it prospers, we can even change it into a joint-stock company and enter the stock market and get even more money in this way.

In E-Sim, international wars are nothing out of the ordinary.

"E-Sim is one of the most unique browser games out there"

Become an influential politician.

The second module is a politics. Just like in real life politics in E-Sim are an extremely powerful tool that can be used for your own purposes. From time to time there are elections in the game in which you will not only vote, but also have the ability to run for the head of the party you're in. You can also apply for congress, where once elected you will be given the right to vote on laws proposed by your fellow congress members or your president and propose laws yourself. Voting on laws is important for your country as it can shape the lives of those around you. You can also try to become the head of a given party, and even take part in presidential elections and decide on the shape of the foreign policy of a given state (for example, who to declare war on). Career in politics is obviously not easy and in order to succeed in it, you have to have a good plan and compete for the votes of voters.

You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

The last and probably the most important module is military. In E-Sim, countries are constantly fighting each other for control over territories which in return grant them access to more valuable raw materials. For this purpose, they form alliances, they fight international wars, but they also have to deal with, for example, uprisings in conquered countries or civil wars, which may explode on their territory. You can also take part in these clashes, although you are also given the opportunity to lead a life as a pacifist who focuses on other activities in the game (for example, running a successful newspaper or selling products).

At the auction you can sell or buy your dream inventory.

E-Sim is a unique browser game. It's creators ensured realistic representation of the mechanisms present in the real world and gave all power to the players who shape the image of the virtual Earth according to their own. So come and join them and help your country achieve its full potential.

Invest, produce and sell - be an entrepreneur in E-Sim.

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