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The Continued Chronicles - Epica - A Zero to Hero Tale [Day 119, Part 2] (Statistics)
Posted 1 month ago by

Welcome back to the Epica installment of the Chronicles. In this part, ill talk about all the other elements that comprised this server, mostly because the Server Progress had me use the whole 10,000 characters to get most of the story out.

For a little quick recap..



Back to the main point!

Another thing that is staying is the slight progression of damage from the final month all the way to the final day!

Animated progress map of the past months is here:

First of all, let's get the elephant out of the room from the cliffhanger i put during Part 1.

That's right, the record has been beaten.. again xd

It's like its a non-stop train that just keeps on going and going, this train of innovation that started with the Elixirs introduction and is still continuing to today, but 800kkk dmg?! Is anyone going to beat this any time in the future?

I mean at this point im expecting 1,000,000,000,000 in Unica lol

On other news, yours truly has made it to the Top 3, being my best server to date! ALMOST hitting the 200kkk mark in lieu of 65 medkits, i came out victorious from this server, especially considering i only played for 99 days! And a significant portion of people also made it pretty far up. This server was more active than the previous one in a general sense.

The general rank stats:

People reaching Deus Rank: 79 (+23 to Versa)
People reaching Deus Imperialis Rank: 51 (+17 to Versa)
People hitting 20kkk dmg; 29 (+3 to Versa)
People hitting 30kkk dmg: 22 (+1 to Versa)
Over 50kkk Club: 15



Surprisingly, even with the crazy new individual record, the Country record was not beaten this time!

France did 2.9kkkk damage (2,900,000,000,000), which is 400 billion less than last server's winner! Despite this, its still a very incredible number of dmg!

however, im through with my corny days lmao

France's damage constitutes 83.92% of all the server's damage!

pretty much expected levels of Experience after 120 very active days. It's always on par with previous servers, however Ghoool manages to beat the XP record, unless im wrong. in that case, sue me again.

Truly one of the stats of all time.
However France has more Experience than last server's winner! 6.8 million compared to 6.5 million.
The total for Epica was 15.8 million.



Once again, the Winning MU, LEGION ETRANGERE, came 300 billion damage short to last server's MU. However, still 2.2 Trillion by itself! Trillions are now our standard high number overall.
France's main MU usually revolved around high activity and trust, which is why only the most active make it into there, with the others being around over at the second French MU, French Army. While there were some problems, everyone still stuck together to the very end.

That's it, Epica.. is over.

It's corny im saying this, but whatever man.

This is the best server i've ever played. And i will keep on repeating this over and over, but THIS is precisely why i play e-sim. Adventures are meant to be memorable, fun, full of laughter and pain (lol), but all in all, everyone comes out happy.

This is why im dedicating the final part of this article to give some personal thanks to people who i have met and got to converse over the course of Epica:

First of all, to everyone active, for continuing to play Epica from the very start of the server.

Second, to all of LEGION ETRANGERE and French Army MUs, we did this, we accomplished this, and nobody will ever take it away from us.

Guardian from Hell - Back when i was alone in the world, a pitiful random, after my previous Mexico country had failed, you helped hook me up in France. you gave me help and granted me a spot in French Army and entrusted me and my activity, and the rest ended up being history. While unfortunately your IRL prevented us from talking much further than normal, i can't thank you enough for trusting me on joining France.

MakiPsajko - Several times i've always wondered what it's like to play with you. and oh boy, it was really fun. You're one of the first people who greeted me with open arms when i joined France, and aided me in several aspects to develop into an offensive powerhouse. You also had to deal with IRL stuff, which led to your sudden disappearance, but everything had been set in stone! Thank you for your early help, seriously.

Luffy & Kim Yo Jong: i put you both in the same category cuz there were several battles that we were part of, and that was fun. Me being the late bloomer of the 3, i had a personal goal of somehow reaching you both, at the time of your ranks being very high up. However, with the tides turned, i thank you for everything you've done to France. and to Luffy/Unkdu, you're the only person i've been the entire 120 days of this server, so grats xd

juku97, Pomplicious and Von Lev Linz: Also being part of the Late Blooming squad, we were the members with the biggest activity after the mid-point had arrived. Talking with you guys was fun, and i thank you for everything you've done for France.

Costa Rica and our other allies, especially Citizen/RoziZeka: in behalf of everyone from France, thank you for sticking with us to the very end, helping our every move, and making sure everyone comes out satisfied, happy and overall, living a great experience. I hope that in the future we meet again with a friendly view.

Eyal: oh man Eyal. You're the main guy who helped me get equipped temporarily, while i look for my new equipment pieces. And from there, every talk we've had was intriguing, interesting, and simply enjoyable. I'm glad you viewed my trust and activity as integral to complete Imperial France, and im glad i helped both you and the entire group to do everything to accomplish this project. I wish i had joined from the very start, i wanted a bit of extra time to enjoy Epica, man why does this have to end.. But in all seriousness, Thank you for everything, and you can always view me as someone to trust.

And last, but most importantly..

Lola / Shpryv: You, my man, are the Legend of Epica, hands down. Everything that transpired from beginning to end was thanks to you. You're also the main guy i've been relying my trust, my activity and everything when i joined France, i always did whatever you viewed best, and helped me in anything that i needed. You really pulled everything to help not just me in a huge personal way, but also everyone else, and we really won't have gone far enough if it wasn't for all of your actions, and appreciated many sacrifices you pulled just for this to happen. You deserved far more than what you originally ended up with. on behalf of all of France to you personally, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

This goes to all of France. For Liberté, égalité, fraternité, this server was ours to make our adventure.
And im glad i got to spend it with all of you guys.

That's all from me, the self-proclaimed Paladin of Epica,

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