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[stats][citizens] Day 801 - Day 808 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 801 to Day 808 From Battle ID 46269 to 46375.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Citizen statistics

1 Overkill Specialist LEDO Grave Digger Elite7.8414.60020.9071793328124.313.227.350
2 Tedii18 Grave Digger Elite3.86011019.4681562711124.085.040.352
3 Nascimento The Belgian Legion3.63989011.4261142312193.540.428.415
4 Khan Koljo Veliki The Order of NERV1.790015.511100212363.297.719.008
5 NEWENKO Minions1.8611.56812.94079967332.856.329.314
6 System Shutdown Ghosts4.4059809.8649019892.694.360.879
7 Troublemaker Ghosts0012.8006913772.681.260.127
8 ezraiil Truly Psychotic7.17113.0295.215126281962.537.549.680
9 Vanko The GODFATHER4.2951.0198.69412929782.533.976.587
10 mahyer Grave Digger Elite2.9402.4508.88213634692.420.603.978
11 barcelona_oleeee The GODFATHER1.4901.00711.854102221042.390.850.987
12 Lorenco Ghosts5.5852.22710.34214131472.375.903.695
13 Kralice Band Of Brothers9071012.9941052515102.311.183.803
14 zental BAM3.95018.9812.3711212474322.265.524.840
15 Zodan Ghosts1.4858.3366.6521032713112.236.177.280
16 MMH Vytis5.3247.2526.8851122416112.209.257.718
17 Enrirossi The Belgian Legion7701.4807.88576131482.156.831.794
18 Emperor OneManArmy5.6943.1837.75010421581.890.839.777
19 Omar ahmed The Belgian Legion1751006.8904210551.883.424.389
20 Warriors Armada Imperial Jabonica22010.7675.23098241451.863.297.638
21 Mungos2001 Sons Of Anarchy6008.99063137101.835.346.940
22 pSyCh000 Royal Danish Army28005.760289961.761.743.492
23 piflar Ghosts1.4703.7456.8478931941.748.650.182
24 juniorXD Ghosts2.4504.5957.67094261371.746.156.652
25 janli The Belgian Legion2.7886.6496.84112033971.743.217.478
26 Catwoman The GODFATHER5.7911.2504.67712424561.716.104.561
27 Arjuna SURABAYA ARMY159510.123932333141.625.406.730
28 Devito Anonymo Royal Danish Army2225178.59267257101.619.471.975
29 Naktinis Vytis1.4474.9155.745701417101.604.044.723
30 Peter Munk The Order of NERV86536013.26096221541.602.904.622
31 VicerimusMortem BEASTs496776.8954012831.602.294.380
32 Miksson The Belgian Legion1.687857.3636517621.592.618.977
33 NaRuTo11 Peruvian Golden Army46005.8657220941.566.658.787
34 tim12 The Belgian Legion1406406.1874412371.540.959.117
35 logitech Golden Garuda07.9854.97566101771.511.126.830
36 Kidd Keo The Order of NERV3007.032378721.504.425.775
37 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz2.2315.2105.21976212071.477.822.928
38 domen97 Ghosts5302.1406.3836016551.473.811.076
39 moita Bad Elements1.2755606.4504210731.455.174.053
40 ka4o Dynasty Yus1.04008.4849820521.455.165.544
41 Tigir Er Band Of Brothers009.145234781.448.795.807
42 WolfStark The GODFATHER3.7245.0314.84516737171.367.624.757
43 RomanSG Over Powered09206.4964710291.341.535.016
44 Warrior Ninja GAMA1.4001.5846.84859181261.320.549.236
45 Samuel L Jackson The Belgian Legion6682.9484.6177416371.312.321.968
46 arsalan222 Smile0907.0454410851.302.578.686
47 fuqiu Dynasty Yus7803.9664.9158319341.297.456.613
48 IgorWolf Control Alt Defeat9505.5083410441.291.696.306
49 Oroku Saki Royal Danish Army27007.244419271.281.015.942
50 Pablo Gaviria The Belgian Legion2.40005.945469451.280.003.167
51 1Sh0T AvengerS4504.955286271.264.713.139
52 Sub Zero Sons Of Anarchy5114466.0065917191.247.501.767
53 Mumos 23 SAS Regiment005.329165551.246.768.575
54 triplux9000 - 2801.6165.0203811621.227.730.423
55 Alinzr Smile03.3426.41563131261.220.271.401
56 classfighter Hungarian Elit Unit9251.7207.32069171141.198.447.808
57 ThePunisher o The Titans1915.3095.599882522171.187.840.652
58 Kodiak Wolves4586904.50159161151.162.690.318
59 Manhattan Ghosts5154.0406.0047217351.145.131.610
60 B O R G Big Bang X_X1011155.604318931.132.019.756
61 omarseoud The Belgian Legion3102015.1134714161.116.132.094
62 Botcalypse GAMA8483996.0234510361.113.803.561
63 Gerry Khan GAMA01.1284.305257231.100.782.061
64 aquatimus Ghosts104304.6505417571.098.236.829
65 Akaju Pwnography1.0031.2065.039461120151.080.623.329
66 Doci Ghosts1404255.3754515671.069.102.879
67 YinYang Pwnography3982.4405.033461113101.065.348.498
68 marjanix Ghosts06.0953.0624814451.049.026.096
69 Youcef Banni The Hashira91816.7215219811.044.485.059
70 DominatoR Kings Of War004.960196231.029.762.415
71 Hun7er Royal Danish Army12506.464139101.025.813.515
72 Connor Kenway GLADIO5205.3453110371.025.356.571
73 come2findu Over Powered003.684226441.024.776.299
74 Killy Ghosts3005.3562711631.022.823.905
75 sAbEr2013 IGA0506.51548181921.015.927.180
76 eternity Slovenia on the cross2.06507.68567241951.005.704.605
77 Diyan4o The Rogue Squad004.633208321.001.751.654
78 niko13 The Order of NERV004.51121472991.884.222
79 Sam Witwicky Ghosts1.0105156.340381655979.324.498
80 Eyal EmoBoys2651.0054.194336178977.089.897
81 Yi Sun Sin JK Family01005.4053813108960.623.412
82 Tzanika Sons Of Anarchy780105.075511266950.886.259
83 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica204.3223.064701814949.909.634
84 dekili Pirates329106.620611815936.591.729
85 Heleen IGA2.0701.4954.3245115206933.217.822
86 Varian Wrynn Pwnography1.6811715.03853121313920.805.023
87 Irbissa Stompdown Killaz013.460827761801916.167.714
88 gasilec Ghosts013.94008322105914.489.272
89 Motoriukas Vytis1504.33224744906.963.825
90 TANTALOS SIRINA006.4884217209887.279.624
91 Calibre BEASTs1305.39528976886.827.394
92 Global The Titans1.9256.5012.806111251412868.776.376
93 boudiDZ The Hashira005.325341192850.229.375
94 Teferruat Over Powered71304.402451515847.024.418
95 The Drake The Order of NERV005.10027835846.871.885
96 Projce SIRINA406042.10217951842.089.747
97 BrokenKhan Baba Yaga1756453.50925481841.102.929
98 Gorenc Grave Digger Elite004.62928791829.842.954
99 Thug Life Cat Hungarian Elit Unit731.4504.485371306829.355.087
100 SoolKing The Hashira7604.97233966828.896.225

Top 20 BH Hunters&Top 20 Round Clutchers

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You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

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