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[stats][citizens] Day 821 - Day 830 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 821 to Day 830 From Battle ID 47030 to 47379.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Changed Start ID from 47043 to 47030

Citizen statistics

1 Nascimento The Belgian Legion4162275113301212418163.549.101.695
2 barcelona_oleeee The GODFATHER2980356143691273021223.386.041.464
3 Overkill Specialist LEDO Grave Digger Elite1204145164391092023163.246.373.655
4 NGolo Kante EmoBoys580382312490812015122.965.215.921
5 RomanSG Over Powered60220511620962721162.901.370.027
6 Intruder Over Powered1435935129261303111152.784.701.319
7 ezraiil Truly Psychotic4397178114263125302062.544.806.830
8 Vanko The GODFATHER126513971310224682.242.954.398
9 logitech Golden Garuda7010455709593181262.227.181.343
10 sAbEr2013 IGA853386123258821782.210.403.224
11 Teferruat Over Powered191025082627323592.200.132.817
12 Ethnic Azerbaijan OneManArmy212267051392165351552.174.708.714
13 fuqiu Dynasty Yus39551480725010225762.168.569.929
14 zental BAM102255099701342988312.137.206.341
15 Hajaj X Fighters16881811015474141292.103.902.292
16 The Drake PLANETA PAYNER TEAM006120388542.005.773.742
17 Calibre BEASTs42001453988242351.984.403.740
18 Goth Angel Sinner EmoBoys2051798899965156121.952.428.954
19 janli The Belgian Legion1533328588551063610101.925.344.127
20 Enrirossi The Belgian Legion110119206829822019161.916.198.262
21 WolfStark The GODFATHER580747996231215513101.909.247.466
22 juku97 Estonian Defence Forces233536808820102262331.906.347.833
23 MMH Vytis4870132932940136321391.846.968.309
24 Emperor OneManArmy554265226091125271021.834.375.658
25 Elnino4 13 Legion Gemina3759658397100309101.800.151.559
26 GeorgeAEL64 GAMA439111712381813029921.773.477.258
27 warcat Vytis75521907781722316121.753.919.779
28 Motoriukas Vytis1550201972181062911101.715.816.877
29 Danke Vytis1220237574305716471.706.469.260
30 samoT Juods50107660653715431.704.974.553
31 Doom_Bringer AGDAM BATALYONU9510605252338551.661.931.916
32 ansisLtd Vytis18344948408510528661.660.697.955
33 Darn ASHINA138384594198923961.650.359.669
34 mahyer Grave Digger Elite180165077107522781.640.904.737
35 come2findu Over Powered01060252564121.633.023.568
36 Castilhos Over Powered523564504094101.610.422.612
37 Goodfella Over Powered42830657171216111.602.780.426
38 moita The Belgian Legion3230177230952511131.595.750.865
39 B O R G Big Bang X_X2695336082091253315141.571.909.538
40 BadGoneBoy Over Powered036071494111171.549.967.837
41 Naktinis Vytis1588426386884211531.548.630.003
42 Omar ahmed The Belgian Legion7244737315622210111.548.423.472
43 Khan Koljo Veliki NERV1025051604511311.545.783.600
44 ThePunisher o X Fighters181435717432862012101.541.520.569
45 System Shutdown Truly Psychotic5856155610083191521.506.259.060
46 Bamsibey La Galibe illallah0505067173431.479.902.738
47 Tedii18 Grave Digger Elite76563953836519471.476.666.305
48 Peter Munk NERV1012255141791173224101.471.404.396
49 GunnyBunny Stompdown Killaz0114762193613671.470.172.955
50 Eleftherios Venizelos SIRINA4007594237411.447.909.474
51 law 2 abused Over Powered144378435217591.441.314.006
52 eternity Slovenia on the cross66509645552023101.406.926.761
53 Irbissa Stompdown Killaz51140939169729861.385.076.377
54 Troublemaker Ghosts001097577201681.381.533.277
55 Juggernaut AGDAM BATALYONU1590284043007219891.371.250.080
56 Army Vytis300792034088627451.356.894.128
57 Lover Of The Russian Queen Dynasty Yus190255255477117611.354.153.978
58 Piotr Bendyk HONOR16638160145331731.323.385.727
59 Zodan Ghosts479333554557024971.305.745.319
60 Amin DRG IGA759076213514941.294.687.519
61 Warriors Armada Imperial Jabonica26651684095712220101.291.694.576
62 domen97 Ghosts540250558136021761.278.298.780
63 mpouzoukovios SIRINA476443460069727771.273.360.705
64 Squadra Baba Yaga005835133511.268.180.797
65 jebb Peruvian Golden Visa638155939714881561.259.772.471
66 Lorenco Ghosts3180472560208632951.246.867.314
67 papas the slayer SIRINA0197546673915511.244.604.803
68 Reaper IRAN6005700133221.244.381.654
69 Kidd Keo NERV207049252810501.227.925.527
70 Gerry Khan GAMA1681335446639832441.224.682.835
71 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica165740224560972617231.221.541.589
72 DMG AGDAM BATALYONU4021284284355791.216.865.204
73 Kralice MAD44006815591521121.206.795.632
74 kikirikou SIRINA14043461823112251.203.339.226
75 Shnitz EmoBoys667621532275910261.203.022.496
76 Armless master AGDAM BATALYONU7513544784318641.200.805.248
77 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz316449830223714811.200.120.339
78 NaRuTo11 Peruvian Golden Visa1040965536292241341.198.664.421
79 Svetas Vytis78872563557022761.189.982.461
80 Projce SIRINA016244953210111.185.264.848
81 beki Over Powered260052673412141.185.263.798
82 JoskaPista Rongyos Garda111694632319102271081.182.915.672
83 Arjuna SURABAYA ARMY0165711061201661.170.202.031
84 Diyan4o The Rogue Squad175051624516771.161.957.652
85 Fountas13 SIRINA1034166746617222111.153.483.950
86 God of Death AGDAM BATALYONU501903097216141.138.172.672
87 Fructose IGA05244706305321.134.729.120
88 Joe WARDER02914321204351.126.500.655
89 Fear from the jew god EmoBoys988108456616412241.123.864.178
90 Boigny Dynasty Yus80025543549181211.119.415.483
91 Eyal EmoBoys1774227458395911331.113.788.023
92 omidmoradi Smile401052884216531.108.236.635
93 Sir Pepe The Belgian Legion10100528250171221.106.849.714
94 Bolahenk ASHINA40063357696427641.097.976.221
95 Catwoman The GODFATHER251922047177618561.095.659.016
96 Master Yoda The Force03804597193211.092.124.059
97 Oroku Saki Royal Private Army280062004116571.085.005.002
98 anilsahbaz98 Freedom40157346304710521161.081.912.488
99 Prismatic Tiger JK Family12413855443278297101.061.818.213
100 Metehan Over Powered003470216461.059.046.702

Top 20 BH Hunters&Top 20 Round Clutchers

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You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

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At the auction you can sell or buy your dream inventory.

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