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[stats][Citizen] Day 1043 - Day 1063 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 1043 to Day 1063 From Battle ID 55807 to 56569.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Citizen statistics

1 GeorgeAEL64 GAMA12412581345657301751013413.558.225.660
2 spoxik Fear The North5339992343864038375659.377.894.112
3 Emperor Pole nime8549470419042525742198.969.347.334
4 kalaka Freedom51358744304302175569227.891.752.878
5 sasomiewrem Cherish800228601373051277.379.434.822
6 ezraiil iQuit06084555873076088216.345.568.897
7 merlux WtF73310323263809249406.102.899.590
8 Kuperjanov OneManArmy69510152761073221196.088.799.644
9 Naktinis Vytis26335715172471463127155.869.847.149
10 Ethnic Azerbaijan S E H E M03717559102284875415.695.297.100
11 EDEN Angry Forks3850251661523723245.470.903.989
12 Suojanaamarimies Pole nime4415324271481815111165.227.140.028
13 One Punch Man Fear The North6510175225032517963314.982.359.714
14 Arjuna Golden Garuda00349954911423071124.776.730.964
15 Palotepa OneManArmy25247668151692025127154.713.094.331
16 Greog Gregorovic Fear The North1045105175131013522184.646.550.005
17 Stbklzcczzlv Stbklzcczzlv elitni Ceskoarmadni vojenska jednotka gang1709810212129262084835114.641.467.593
18 Lutzie Komori The North8415489163361453731314.506.661.247
19 Army Vytis10356320158481503743244.369.996.588
20 AlinNutTzU Carpathian Wolves243537893331022054102514.341.344.574
21 anilsahbaz98 Freedom3351741221811313428184.244.295.234
22 Picasso Angry Forks3800169851032718124.195.885.421
23 HADESv1 Fear The North55514455139232104731244.148.005.124
24 Dordox Todes Gates151515051872635174.114.409.958
25 _Misiek_ Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie9001604272202574.111.561.309
26 JoskaPista Rongyos Garda06980195051803822224.107.969.164
27 1987 13 Legion Gemina31805136651082717174.107.379.214
28 guitarplayer2 MAD262444314703686068264.085.613.155
29 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica15461472985242345324184.056.644.849
30 garbra Peruvian Golden Visa370528314465118333163.937.432.988
31 Mr Ander Armada Imperial Jabonica22501754966691774820103.900.726.861
32 daenyboi Fear The North23842406114671676825163.836.080.129
33 Micro78 iSLam1830229101554965393.731.578.936
34 moita The Belgian Legion275013876983032183.690.583.692
35 classfighter Hungarian Elit Unit29682440177371644222203.639.370.628
36 Belmond0 OneManArmy51501286141101493.608.013.053
37 seainhell HACKER OKAN9120132711163816153.592.565.703
38 Elnino4 13 Legion Gemina2420166731123320223.574.207.788
39 juku97 Estonian Defence Forces27400121281053019153.564.595.513
40 Gerry Khan GAMA15510411218585332383.416.562.943
41 janli The Belgian Legion01717986821613945123.404.313.841
42 eternity Slovenia on the cross433016314812469193.381.387.966
43 Tzanika Band Of Brothers1509750491221103.371.196.218
44 Prosaso9 Peruvian Golden Visa5060209715128382883.348.884.083
45 Barlas61 Armada Imperial Jabonica4401850180651235226113.346.434.002
46 Ai laik Heda Armada Imperial Jabonica11691126553231883.312.021.442
47 Mozura FIGHT CLUB40495420402112249563.281.209.499
48 NeMo98 Peaky Blinders6684815031862813103.259.188.169
49 Miyako NERV100014570832014123.167.977.397
50 zilks OneManArmy3606759725431010103.118.166.445
51 Suurmeister Estonian Defence Forces11100103136620893.054.971.188
52 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz12125674661759232073.011.226.755
53 Korkmaz1923 AKINCILAR30179918712330142.941.147.587
54 Who If Not Pig WARDER03511373073191062.914.826.972
55 Calibre BEASTs0089123682682.812.796.478
56 Kidd Keo NERV1000106256220972.764.276.218
57 hellspawn001 Vytis16906172148411282835172.582.224.659
58 LEGENDARY DR ALBAN 23 SAS Regiment310609938762554282.576.208.944
59 kassidiaris SIRINA5191023557081265322162.565.726.921
60 MakiPsajko 13 Legion Gemina18957010835782716132.511.392.587
61 Zodan NERV240755977377261362.441.768.461
62 bigman The Belgian Legion60109285752428162.432.247.596
63 MrLogano The Belgian Legion150820454181932.420.209.636
64 xdxm WtF9901395592367152.382.613.522
65 Otto Habsburg AS iZ147914597116002635479472.361.453.490
66 Motoriukas Vytis100538177887832030162.346.443.762
67 Vegeta The North84117698744582114152.310.473.486
68 Saif Ali GAMA3380721138151032.308.804.716
69 Peter Munk Freedom340681120401102817102.282.461.810
70 ATA_ARMENIA Armenian Fighters0002114260322.268.993.814
71 RRARR Wojsko Polskie Kanadyjskie Norweskie18151021451411705616142.253.963.585
72 Piotr Bendyk HONOR9821102108331663628142.253.281.659
73 nusssss Fear The North5072310191874110112.245.620.150
74 Piejo Kury 23 SAS Regiment2714258800491722162.243.774.620
75 Commander Angry Forks33521872025316852.185.548.041
76 Nascimento The Belgian Legion350825951162272.164.967.401
77 Blood Eagle Dys Multi Farm13125767263211672.164.322.827
78 Radicalli Bloodlust507446542818122.147.779.894
79 anonym K A R M A403108665642224102.142.947.555
80 srpski bednik Miligrami280010940823364262.094.835.503
81 NikoJames Peruvian Golden Visa1950480939101262.076.761.556
82 Medusa Karabag Team1199276464431264144262.056.088.485
83 Banat Oasis371011099335312141662.048.152.683
84 Apsik WARDER152473476811455311162.025.623.305
85 Urwen Lalaith Freedom25078563911742.017.074.858
86 TANTALOS SIRINA001137645222251.999.001.861
87 Czosnek Peruvian Golden Visa155756643608325651.978.567.638
88 NaRuTo11 Peruvian Golden Visa6544555384116861.948.524.335
89 MCMLXXVXII0II Katonai alakulat6301979783711525330171.940.129.606
90 Ojojq Peruvian Golden Visa1488847837599732861.937.629.296
91 Shavarus Fear The North14003421652322223611101.916.950.146
92 Juan Guaido Band Of Brothers00604854159121.884.440.830
93 Tvrtko I The Belgian Legion0156890227631.874.832.563
94 mrarizona Fekete Sereg0820107488720951.856.029.258
95 Sasuke Uchiha` Uchiha Clan004777236431.852.842.820
96 KyrieElleison HONOR12700774753131481.827.903.141
97 triplux9000 Carpathian Wolves2338515964491204030131.822.725.036
98 zzz121243 Golden Garuda622626953766931201.809.740.397
99 Mee Estonian Defence Forces404074604418741.790.749.666
100 Filip od Pela Makedonska falanga mk094231265619670110451.784.070.271

Top 15 BH Hunters&Top 15 Round Clutchers

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