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Best Clutch Sets Day 486 (Statistics)
Posted 5 months ago by


Since last article had some critics for concealing some Turkish players and some believed it was out of hatred,

i want to set it right and say it wasnt out of hatred or racism or Jane doe had only one meaning and it was used for anonymity purposes (intentionally concealed) ...

I like to apologize from those who are offended...

The data was obtained from Multi 1 's Bot, Thanks for your contribution to e-sim community <3

Paramaters for everyone:

300 strength
Q5 weapon
Military rank: Rookie (1)

(Like new players with sets)

Sorted By Dmg Per Berserk (Crit Sets)

#NickCitizenshipCritMissAvoidMaxDmgDmg Per Berserk
1 ezraiil Sweden36.033.615188.5108382
2 Stary Grzyb United Kingdom35.993.615188.1608371
3 WolfStark Bulgaria35.983.625188.0408367
4 Sub Zero Serbia36.0505172.308300
5 Single Worker Poland35.805172.4408288
6 ansisLtd Lithuania35.23.695186.9808288
7 Mascaracan Brazil35.7305172.1208276
8 Maybe Next Time Serbia39.863.555171.0108198
9 gama16 Pakistan36.0105167.9908192
10 w3x2 Bulgaria35.9905167.6408182
11 Tzanika Switzerland35.1605169.4608177
12 aquatimus Slovenia4005157.3208164
13 Haay Armenia4005156.8808153
14 Teune Republic of Macedonia4005156.8408152
15 Suurmeister Estonia4005156.7608150
16 1Sh0T Romania4005156.7908150
17 HellBoy Bosnia and Herzegovina4005156.7608150
18 tank_ Serbia4005156.7408149
19 S7R1KeR Bulgaria4005156.708148
20 Vegeta Republic of Macedonia4005156.7108148
21 Epileptic Potato Poland4005156.5808145
22 werty Finland4005156.5808145
23 Volitza the Great Turkey4005156.5708145
24 GTHappens Albania4005156.2708137
25 Marlboro Poland35.505166.9808137
26 Revenqe Turkey4005156.208135
27 dekili Serbia4005156.1508134
28 Faker Turkey4005156.0508132
29 Gekyume Estonia4005155.6608122
30 Pufi Bulgaria4005155.5608119
31 AceDroi Romania4005154.7408099
32 Monarch Turkey4005154.6608097
33 ESMERBOMBA Sweden4005154.3208088
34 ankaragucumegidiyor Turkey4005141.217.868088
35 Boigny Bulgaria4005154.2508086
36 RistaSRB Serbia4005154.0508081
37 SpongeBob Turkey4005153.8608076
38 Andros Russia4005153.4208065
39 Apsik Poland4005152.8508051
40 Aslan Masadov Switzerland4005152.708047
41 MONTE` Armenia4005140.657.18042
42 Igor1987 Ukraine4005139.567.598035
43 Kralice Serbia4005152.1908034
44 TheLastSamurai Indonesia4005152.0308030
45 enyetkilikisi Turkey4005125.3315.658015
46 smecherturk Turkey4005150.5707994
47 faust Turkey4005124.0715.77985
48 afrotechno Turkey39.8605149.107949
49 Pitka Belgium4005136.77.237948
50 Malkocoglu4108 Turkey4005148.5107942
51 classfighter Hungary4005148.4807941
52 Ynlah Poland4005121.8315.527921
53 Bozkurt Turkey4005146.9107901
54 mangiv123 Norway4005134.577.17889
55 Radicalli Turkey19.305200.1507876
56 Greta Thunberg Sweden4005132.717.927876
57 Kidd Keo Austria33.380516107866
58 ThePunisher0 India34.01012.54156.7507801
59 _Arsen_ Armenia27.44011.83172.3507776
60 Hajaj Israel40012.16141.5107765
61 piflar Slovenia40012.83141.1207756
62 Diyan4o Czech Republic40012.74140.2907735
63 Picha74 Argentina39.6505140.7507727
64 TheFonsiX Serbia34.42012.55151.9607709
65 Lyell Third Poland34.7805126.2514.857706
66 Colt943 Russia4005138.5807692
67 Korkmaz1923 Turkey40012.31138.5807692
68 Anaconda11 Serbia38.1905105.0321.67653
69 Darth Revan South Korea26.75012.4166.8107608
70 reo Serbia40012.55122.387.677605
71 Ronald Speirs Peru40012.33122.727.417603
72 Mrki1389 Serbia40012.17108.8715.227582
73 ibrahim2626 Turkey40012.51108.3115.197567
74 Damir Mrsic Belgium40012.23121.956.987566
75 Majestic Azerbaijan33.123.9411.95161.2807548
76 Alemdar Turkey39.450510020.047531
77 Juggernaut Azerbaijan4005131.5707515
78 skycooler Belgium40012.62130.7907495
79 Alpha Pakistan35.45019.82140.5807490
80 RRARR Georgia36.0905138.8307483
81 Sasha_grey Argentina39.39012.48119.577.187481
82 Razer98 Bosnia and Herzegovina403.6120.69141.107475
83 AkDodo Republic of Macedonia39.760599.318.37457
84 Tonyukuk Belgium400569.9835.587457
85 Rousseau Belgium403.5819.58139.9607450
86 manolo Peru40012.41127.807420
87 selimhan Turkey4005115.676.977407
88 WarGod Romania40012.03103.1813.87379
89 General Hasimov Switzerland37.410574.9933.877373
90 burakyilmaz Chile4005125.2807356
91 Flaneur Turkey4005112.337.367339
92 deskam27 Peru4005123.807319
93 MrLovaLova USA40019.53123.7207317
94 WORLD BOSS Poland40020.66123.4907311
95 Your MAMA Lover Bulgaria40019.71123.0107299
96 marjanix Slovenia35.07019.01108.0415.257296
97 burgasko Bulgaria40012.5345.946.17292
98 BiIIy Finland4005122.7407292
99 Lestat5 Greece36.0105131.1907291
100 HUGINIUS Montenegro40018.91122.407284
101 OPTICSTORES Greece40019.47122.2907281
102 mrvica0102 Serbia40020.23121.7307267
103 Nascimento Belgium36.013.6428.49141.3207265
104 Nopo Mexico40011.9108.957.57260
105 pSyCh000 Republic of Macedonia39.7019.52109.637.417258
106 CRG Serbia39.79019.01121.7207256
107 xSky94 United Kingdom40019.48121.0907251
108 srpski_ratnik Serbia40011.3271.9929.197240
109 Ragnar_Lodbrok Chile4005109.426.387225
110 Gilbeys Peru40019.21120.0207224
111 ElKenaey Egypt4005119.6407214
112 Dethecus Turkey40020.02107.17.427210
113 201x captain Iran40019.5118.6907190
114 darkfeyz Georgia35.453.6726.9138.2607161
115 BarbaRossa17 Belgium40019.7392.9114.587153
116 muhammet5454 Turkey34.05012.69129.7507152
117 nevo1234 Israel39.96019.0593.8713.597134
118 escobar reis Chile40011.72104.497.097130
119 kikirikou Greece40020.07116.2107128
120 Rat_Fink USA34.233.627.2139.2707125
121 shield Bosnia and Herzegovina36.02028.56124.2907123
122 COCA COLA Colombia32.61019.17131.5507118
123 LEGENDARY DR ALBAN Poland34.153.6125.75138.8707111
124 Fanatik United Kingdom40010.7115.4707109
125 Claunix81 Turkey4005114.3207080
126 kostas620 Greece34.65018.68101.88147074
127 Omar ahmed Republic of Macedonia34.52027.12125.4407072
128 gustito22 Argentina40019.12112.4207032
129 grubcio2121 Poland403.6627.53122.6307023
130 Irineu Brazil404.31587.4921.767003
131 Mirko Serbia38.94012.4595.9310.36996
132 Akaju Sweden34.45019.9116.943.246994
133 Pink Ranger Serbia34.393.6226.46133.0706988
134 jackburn Spain403.6926.28121.206986
135 Ledinux Lithuania37.810544.9541.86977
136 Emperor Sweden40028.51109.7506965
137 metalK Slovenia33.843.8126.65133.8906964
138 Dooonis Lithuania404.1212.78109.657.166964
139 Kodiak Croatia34.13.6626.12120.486.946946
140 belayko Bosnia and Herzegovina40028.21108.5706935

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