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[stats][citizens] Day 852 - Day 942 (Statistics)
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Stats From Day 852 to Day 942 From Battle ID 48957 to 52429.
(Attacks and RWs only)

Requested by Nascimento

Citizen statistics

1 GeorgeAEL64 GAMA4958211973010279514503072208138.360.629.256
2 Emperor Pole nime38869422186388153634828312434.301.582.227
3 Nascimento The Belgian Legion10296195101020449072091579131.559.382.417
4 ezraiil iQuit1502726978419376150432530110929.792.278.697
5 janli The Belgian Legion8775707598233511013051367626.021.195.630
6 Miksson The Belgian Legion82071076777267592051505125.644.759.834
7 Arjuna Over Powered9001469672248517151153425.251.839.014
8 LeXo N A S2607822437137612722311506523.845.190.891
9 Naktinis Vytis757635016256674317515310623.079.031.189
10 BrokenKhan NERV800244083323544138957021.726.921.830
11 MMH Vytis183351419202833213093031069121.665.246.043
12 Projce SIRINA7309003773815301421465921.617.313.756
13 moita The Belgian Legion15488827872328012611396320.904.179.781
14 Warriors Armada Imperial Jabonica57261684605926991892026320.284.831.049
15 ilias chatzi SIRINA27413528186651514983161546619.992.778.677
16 Piotr Bendyk HONOR5479279856722513392891505819.688.252.116
17 juku97 Estonian Defence Forces1877363218010488723524610219.198.466.774
18 VicerimusMortem Weltschmerz4131724680794511511395418.021.189.885
19 omarseoud The Belgian Legion21972902609195211701186217.056.949.934
20 p V e The Belgian Legion63771541856536540168684916.786.739.719
21 Ethnic Azerbaijan OneManArmy2062765296915431241013516.738.090.640
22 Tomas Gonzalo Armada Imperial Jabonica42185298838536812177679516.184.865.556
23 Omar ahmed The Belgian Legion2812054725725673622815.679.576.276
24 NaRuTo11 Peruvian Golden Visa49411599650258743169915115.671.953.131
25 grubcio2121 HONOR124544414639837282895515.291.689.724
26 jebb Peruvian Golden Visa1333834543452667361361143514.766.874.533
27 onuraladi Sons Of Anarchy3588203251941354108804314.446.373.743
28 Pablo Gaviria The Belgian Legion20505165529539092641814.288.475.692
29 Enrirossi The Belgian Legion42062104457534276673913.332.493.639
30 anilsahbaz98 Freedom24452963460992593135815313.017.234.352
31 marko1 23 SAS Regiment1001616943493394110675812.812.451.413
32 Kidd Keo NERV1979193747432282103622312.671.738.142
33 Irbissa Stompdown Killaz76510791017554925235875112.384.454.402
34 Ynlah WARDER2096827245999336104575412.273.412.169
35 Koniecpolski 23 SAS Regiment680144443628870967012.223.912.824
36 Army Vytis25353657034059551183743612.007.037.245
37 Mu Gamma Xi Stompdown Killaz5400942643190253104915911.948.887.069
38 blackapple Big Bang X_X17360397883181081044611.896.673.455
39 kikirikou SIRINA8017593923119065532511.762.744.917
40 mpouzoukovios SIRINA84472646441680669201614111.719.054.860
41 NikoJames Peruvian Golden Visa17003816527769791211.159.653.379
42 Stbklzcczzlv Stbklzcczzlv elitni Ceskoarmadni vojenska jednotka gang542606196321916751149773711.125.777.610
43 boukas NERV25069793930929097384110.917.399.009
44 Mungos2001 Sons Of Anarchy10161863390027968364210.910.603.940
45 NeMo98 Big Bang X_X51611705550671508137594010.751.260.538
46 NGolo Kante Dys Multi Farm40983003539623273682210.688.902.509
47 Maybe Next Time Sons Of Anarchy67552214025832885433010.663.900.026
48 Kralice MAD346016454506335296302410.626.737.119
49 fantom95 Patriots64726470255424621421825710.522.859.678
50 guitarplayer2 MAD13997954966140772317388767310.459.966.784
51 logitech Golden Garuda02746151140384741596810.240.389.922
52 Elnino4 13 Legion Gemina8081280236635410130424010.232.483.601
53 Svetas Vytis176693053869830698453410.232.483.218
54 eternity Slovenia on the cross286202444953991711946210.172.295.260
55 juniorXD Ghosts4390463240810278100573210.143.351.881
56 BelouxiwtisAris TURAN2703925519545362210.101.666.457
57 Sir Pepe The Belgian Legion412297935515242100522410.044.427.249
58 Jonathan Shelby GLADIO152211619381992768845229.972.909.404
59 Killy Ghosts490255491529511192239.942.516.300
60 Apsik WARDER3320432651984353615944269.907.398.606
61 mboiko B team119258273091520134203549.830.044.548
62 Global Sons Of Anarchy6543112543786847814981409.742.551.448
63 Fountas13 SIRINA1117814322552526729229.730.685.581
64 niko13 NERV35791283891393134139.651.569.838
65 Brat tatko e na bolnica Greek Next Top Models861723394262287025169.499.881.377
66 Suurmeister Estonian Defence Forces574841060879513162120589.477.747.804
67 Radicalli NERV740136296622219741319.349.818.097
68 barcelona_oleeee The GODFATHER265616294716238015549269.227.322.200
69 Peter Munk NERV4433163955265552014662349.211.397.664
70 Juggernaut Band Of Brothers8894283482625558414781679.059.503.442
71 Black Line - 020467328013418656308.987.042.882
72 Nopo Smile5735037893380121105378.950.573.488
73 marjanix Ghosts2003924626147369104107418.757.495.699
74 JoskaPista Rongyos Garda4925280014548499129118748.661.748.390
75 Knival Peruvian Golden Visa37459504711379377415148258.657.289.861
76 Unkdu The Belgian Legion7802109433271736413333138.647.872.065
77 Suojanaamarimies Pole nime10093551521858569718437238.632.568.875
78 Goth Angel Sinner Dys Multi Farm77809255221233510158.529.725.395
79 mahyer Grave Digger Elite585500552232456912855328.431.947.222
80 Vanko The GODFATHER824482130213893146636829198.370.116.248
81 gasilec Ghosts760605003115748412770328.368.498.310
82 Kxart The Belgian Legion311797662276850018529208.318.611.292
83 Bolahenk ASHINA205150373751906940198.265.317.219
84 Camaro Peruvian Golden Visa5654208142734548211543138.259.512.136
85 KyrieElleison HONOR4963126303257938511855298.235.519.249
86 TANTALOS SIRINA301655497812208769228.139.653.424
87 sasomiewrem Cherish8250301601454425237.998.184.944
88 MCMLXXVXII0II Katonai alakulat382315003719305107028981477.997.247.157
89 classfighter Hungarian Elit Unit8816108414142545014555257.920.663.942
90 Dezvinsel Nazaguzo Infinite015365267243125332147.896.995.228
91 garbra Peruvian Golden Visa13709431712815750917650157.746.140.746
92 Messi JK Multi Farm1002103272836943911487817.715.090.969
93 Sultan Sahbaz Freedom8014272350642558973367.682.683.804
94 Disi The Punishers396317043798132190141357.657.126.934
95 ansisLtd Vytis2089241251799537016273317.571.314.309
96 Monarch ASHINA6861124294682065715217.553.278.577
97 Tzanika Band Of Brothers4773113289652194833267.508.153.534
98 Joe WARDER25913245241981825445347.458.287.664
99 Kinkenia Sons Of Anarchy1071163363506027911649407.451.789.077
100 Fear from the jew god Dys Multi Farm4381255250482146115107.422.474.144

Top 10 BH Hunters&Top 10 Round Clutchers

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