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[EQUIPMENT] Top Avoid & Clutch Sets - Day 479 (Statistics)
Posted 6 months ago by

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Hi there,

Since last stat article for sets was from day 263, I've decided to make a new one...

if you dont see your name, make sure you vote...


#NickCitizenshipCritMissAvoidMaxDmgDmg Per Limit
1 zental South Korea36.053.6136.55126.02010887
2 ezraiil Sweden36.023.6140110.08010885
3 samoT Lithuania36.013.5740109.88010880
4 patrik04 Hungary36.063.6340109.45010860
5 Pyjamasman Slovenia35.923.6340109.74010860
6 tasty South Korea36.063.6436.43125.5010845
7 migalpha Argentina36.013.6136.4125.43010836
8 papas the slayer Greece35.963.6136.39125.57010836
9 Bowsette France36.063.6436.39125.35010833
10 Shnitz Norway35.983.5736.36125.38010830
11 Fitbah Norway36.043.6336.41125.21010830
12 Metalicana Greece35.993.636.36125.44010830
13 JoskaPista Hungary36.053.636.36125.24010828
14 Friero Poland36.013.6336.34125.51010828
15 Mu Gamma Xi USA36.013.636.35125.33010826
16 Tomas Gonzalo Argentina363.6136.34125.41010825
17 Alin Brazil35.983.6136.31125.45010820
18 Zikoshi United Kingdom363.6136125.25010762
19 MMH Lithuania35.733.6435.99125.02010726
20 Tesem Hungary35.893.6235.78125.34010718
21 Ioannis Metaxas Greece35.383.5340105.89010678
22 Aiden Romania35.98036.52109.79010658
23 eternity Slovenia36.0504094.18010645
24 blackapple Slovenia36.03036.38109.74010637
25 Doci Slovenia35.9804093.94010630
26 Piotr Bendyk Poland36.0504093.65010623
27 CaptainManiac Slovenia35.8204094.03010622
28 Destroyer Troublemaker Slovenia36.273.7534.59126.33010575
29 GunnyBunny USA35.23.6335.24125.24010570
30 Gulliver Greece403.614094.11010557
31 Vince South Korea34.8804094.06010550
32 Zodan Czech Republic35.33.7835.8122.15010540
33 Odysseus Czech Republic34.573.735.51124.63010535
34 killoff Republic of Macedonia35.95035.72109.59010516
35 B O R G Bosnia and Herzegovina34.2304094.06010498
36 ludnik Netherlands35.02036.26108.51010491
37 Picasso Latvia34.21039.8794.04010474
38 Heleen Iran36.17035.2110.2010472
39 6IX9INE Norway34.5604092.64010467
40 Sub Zero Serbia36.06035.83107.41010460
41 Ioannis IV Greece403.6339.6992.21010423
42 MrLogano United Kingdom36.0604088.28010405
43 Romans Sweden34.583.6934.46125.25010391
44 GreyEgon25 South Korea35.95035.03109.07010385
45 Fransharry Sweden403.64089.55010373
46 Kanuni I Suleyman Poland403.735.89107.24010368
47 Palcaky Czech Republic35.53.6133.77125.01010353
48 Vilhelm Norway35.53.6135.05107.17.210343
49 Blue Ranger Serbia33.833.635.3121.3010335
50 Delux021 Lithuania40036.3793.95010321
51Jane DoeTurkey34.863.5835.18119.05010316
52 Sam Witwicky USA40036.2894.06010311
53 Mumos Poland36.17034.22109.77010299
54 chrzaszczyrzewoszyczanin Poland4004078.53010298
55 EDEN Latvia4004078.44010293
56 Enrirossi Belgium34.6604088.12010292
57Jane DoeTurkey4004078.4010292
58 Kolofardos Sweden403.644076.486.6610288
59 Marham Iran4004078.24010285
60 islandwoodsie USA27.7035.24123.09010284
61 arsalan222 Romania4004078.2010283
62 Scorpio72 Sweden35.32035.43105.78010277
63 Danke Lithuania40039.9178.31010273
64 SickSide Serbia4004077.9010272
65Jane DoeTurkey4004077.86010270
66 seketu Brazil35.28035.792.027.4610266
67Jane DoeTurkey4004077.76010265
68 Oliver007 Romania4004077.75010265
69Jane DoeTurkey27.383.7934.76123.537.8210251
70 Gu Ga Germany33.893.8734.67122.13010240
71 Lord Xaros Greece4004077.14010240
72 Akaju Sweden4004077.12010238
73 GeneralBlue Israel35.073.633.69122.96010237


#NickCitizenshipCritMissAvoidMaxDmgDmg Per Berserk
1 ezraiil Sweden36.033.615188.5108382
2 Stary Grzyb United Kingdom35.993.615188.1608371
3 Koobe Belgium35.973.615188.108368
4 WolfStark Bulgaria35.983.625188.0408367
5 GGGGGGGG Italy36.0705172.5308307
6 Single Worker Poland35.805172.4408288
7 ansisLtd Lithuania35.23.695186.9808288
8 Mascaracan Brazil35.7305172.1208276
9 Maybe Next Time Serbia39.863.555171.0108198
10 gama16 Pakistan36.0105167.9908192
11 w3x2 Bulgaria35.9905167.6408182
12 Tzanika Switzerland35.1605169.4608177
13 aquatimus Slovenia4005157.1808160
14 Haay Armenia4005156.8808153
15 Teune Republic of Macedonia4005156.8408152
16 Suurmeister Estonia4005156.7608150
17 1Sh0T Romania4005156.7908150
18 HellBoy Bosnia and Herzegovina4005156.7608150
19 S7R1KeR Bulgaria4005156.708148
20 Vegeta Republic of Macedonia4005156.7108148
21 Gozi Israel4005156.6408147
22 T U R S I C Bosnia and Herzegovina4005156.6208146
23 Epileptic Potato Poland4005156.5808145
24 werty Finland4005156.5808145
25Jane DoeTurkey4005156.5708145
26 GTHappens Albania4005156.2708137
27 Marlboro Poland35.505166.9808137
28Jane DoeTurkey4005156.208135
29 dekili Serbia4005156.1508134
30 Gekyume Estonia4005155.6608122
31 Pufi Bulgaria4005155.5608119
32 AceDroi Romania4005154.7408099
33Jane DoeTurkey4005154.6608097
34 ESMERBOMBA Sweden4005154.3208088
35Jane DoeTurkey4005141.217.868088
36 Boigny Bulgaria4005154.2508086
37 RistaSRB Serbia4005154.0508081
38 Andros Russia4005153.4208065
39Jane DoeTurkey4005152.9208053
40 Apsik Poland4005152.8508051
41 Aslan Masadov Switzerland4005152.708047
42 MONTE` Armenia4005140.657.18042
43 Igor1987 Ukraine4005139.567.598035
44 Kralice Serbia4005152.1908034
45Jane DoeTurkey4005125.3315.658015
46 TheLastSamurai Indonesia4005151.2508011
47Jane DoeTurkey4005150.5707994
48Jane DoeTurkey4005124.0715.77985
49Jane DoeTurkey39.8605149.107949
50 Pitka Belgium4005136.77.237948
51Jane DoeTurkey4005148.5107942
52 classfighter Hungary4005148.4807941
53 Ynlah Poland4005121.8315.527921
54 201x captain Iran4005147.5507918
55 mangiv123 Norway4005134.577.17889
56Jane DoeTurkey19.305200.1507876
57 Kidd Keo Austria33.380516107866
58 Revenger Morocco4005145.3707863
59 ThePunisher0 India34.01012.54156.7507801
60 _Arsen_ Serbia27.44011.83172.3507776
61 Hajaj Israel40012.16141.5107765
62 Diyan4o Czech Republic40012.74140.2907735
63 Picha74 Argentina39.6505140.7507727
64 LEGENDARY DR ALBAN Poland403.6112.82138.877.357718
65 TheFonsiX Serbia34.42012.55151.9607709
66 Lyell Third Poland34.7805126.2514.857706
67 Colt943 Russia4005138.5807692
68 Anaconda11 Serbia38.1905105.0321.67653
69 Tancrede Czech Republic33.77012.2149.507612
70 Darth Revan South Korea26.75012.4166.8107608
71 Ronald Speirs Peru40012.33122.727.417603
72 Mrki1389 Serbia40012.17108.8715.227582
73 ibrahim2626 Turkey40012.51108.3115.197567

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